Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You've Got Mail

As if waiting for cue, The Universe has dropped an extraordinarily luscious assortment of "junk" into my mail box. Just take a look at some of the goodies I've received in the last 2 days!

There are lots of interesting items in this batch of mail! I love the photo of all the street signs. (That's an invitation to a new gallery show) It's a tri-fold card and there are lots of useful words in a nice font included on both front and back.  The Lakeland invitation also has some good imagery (sheet music/comedy & tragedy masks) as well as key words such as "art".  Last but not least is the Lowe's advertisement.  The great thing about this are the discount cards.  They're almost the same weight as a credit card.  It's almost certain I won't use the cards at the store, but they have another greater use that I'll reveal in the next couple of weeks.  As a bonus, there's a lovely pot of flowers that's just begging to be collaged.  And what about the fork?  No, it didn't come in the mail, but stay tuned to see what part it plays in the creation of art.

Today's mail call was really over the top!  I can't believe what an elaborate marketing tool this is!  It was sent to my son from The University of Phoenix and it was encased in a VELLUM envelope.  There are 5 incredible pieces to work with here. (sorry for the glare)  I will show you more photos of this piece of mail in the weeks to come.  I could not have ordered a better junk mail kit.  Happy creating!

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