Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday's Mandala

I always like to have a winter project to get me through the long, gray months of snow and cold here on Lake Erie's south shores.  This year, I decided it will be my mandala journal.  I decided on the first week of April as my completion date, so after a little back counting I ended up here - the last week in October.  At one mandala a week, when I finish all 24 pages, the first signs of spring should be evident.  At least that's my hope!

Here's this week's finished mandala.  In case you didn't see the mandala book, take a look at this post.  I'm looking forward to creating a mandala a week.  I will be posting each new mandala every Monday until my journal is complete and spring is arriving.


I actually have a few photos to share today.  I spent some time driving around and just sitting at a park enjoying the beautiful day we had yesterday.  Come along on my journey!

My first stop was Harvey's Farm Market, in Fairport.  I love this little market - they've always got great produce and I appreciate the time they take to arrange their displays.  It makes you want one of everything.

I left the market with potatoes and apples in tow.  You do know that I'll be baking apple pies, right?  Hopefully, they will be photo worthy!

After I left Harvey's, I continued through Fairport and decided to drive along the Grand River and the stone docks.  I wasn't disappointed.  A rather long ship, the Joseph H Thompson, was docked and unloading gravel.  I did a Google search and found a very interesting history on this 706 foot ship. She's been in use since 1944 and was used during war time.   Have a look HERE.  I wasn't able to capture the entire ship in one frame.

After I watched the ship for a little while, I ventured off to a local park where I could sit near the Grand River and just enjoy the warmth of the sun.  This park must be a well kept secret, because there are never very many people here.  That suits me fine.

It was a gorgeous day, but still there were little reminders everywhere that winter is right around the corner.  I know sunny and mid 60 degree days are numbered, so I was happy to be outdoors and soaking up some sun.

Have a great week, and as always, take time for YOU as you "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!"

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  1. Great addition to your Mandala book Angelia. I am so glad you took some time out to enjoy the beautiful day. I need to do that for myself one of these days... hopefully before it snows because I know that it won't happen at all once the snow comes:)
    Hugs and blessings


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