Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday's Musings

What is it about autumn that makes me feel obligated to let go of all sensibility and put responsibilities on the back burner?

Maybe it's nature's new palette of colors that distract me from everyday life, or...

Maybe it's because autumn is the time of year I feel most connected to nature.

Autumn's changes happen in the blink of an eye.  Maybe I know that with each day, little changes occur. 

Maybe I can't stand the thought of missing the little changes if I go about my daily tasks as scheduled.

Maybe I just believe in the magical feel of the season...

Photo:  Keith Thompson

Photo: Keith Thompson

Photo: Keith Thompson

and maybe I can believe that birds really do fly over the rainbow.

One thing is certain - it's autumn, and I'm totally helpless against the power it holds over me.

Photo:  Keith Thompson


  1. This is gorgeous, Angelia. I feel the same, but I also get so much energy during this time. Everything seems effortless. I think it's the mood it brings. To me it's a reminder of the gift of color. I LOVE color, and I especially love the colors of autumn.

    Last year I wrote something in my previous blog which would have been perfect with what you describe. If I can find it, I'll share it.

    Wishing you a perfect autumn day.

  2. I wish I could feel energized! I just want to drive around and look at the dramatic skies and those colorful, luscious leaves! LOL I hope you enjoy your autumn to the fullest, Marcia! ♥

  3. beautiful reminders about the season. Those cloud photos are amazing, as is your painting. Love your ladies.

  4. This is beautiful. I feel the same way about autumn. Thank you for sharing your interpretation.

    1. Thank you, Lou Anne. Autumn really speaks to some of us in a special way. I can't imagine my life without this special season.


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