Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday's Musings

Welcome October!

October is my favorite month of the year.  I love everything about it; the crisp, clean air, the dramatic skies, the smell of homemade baked goods fresh out of the oven.  October means it's time for sweaters, dark evenings spent snuggling or putting puzzles together, and drives into the country to admire autumn's lovely colors.  Summer's hectic pace slows down and BBQs rapidly become apple shopping and costume parties.  Welcome October!



Shorter October days also mean longer evening hours and more time to watch movies!  A Little Shop Around the Corner  is hosting  "Glitter and a Movie", a movie-themed creative challenge.  This month's movie challenge is "When Harry Met Sally".  The challenge is this:  Create a work of art inspired by the movie.  I'm in!  Artwork for this challenge is due October 12, 2012.  Click on the challenge button to learn more about participating.

My Travel Journal Continued

I'm making progress on my travel journal each day.  I really like the way my typed descriptions are tying everything together, but it is a time consuming process.  I'm "roughing in" all of the pages for now, and when my book is complete, I'll go back and add some artistic details.  

A Day to just hang out, only leaving the house for meals.  I'll add  darker paint and stars around the dome , and other details from our night tour of Mizzou campus.

I've attached the entire Andy's carry-out menu and added a photo of the sundae I got.

I didn't take photos of our lunch at Tony's Pizza Palace (I was SO hungry!), but I was able to  pull images from the Internet.
 DAY 6
It's STILL smoldering outside, but not so hot we stay at home today!  Five Guys for lunch,  Hobby Lobby for the afternoon, and an evening of music with Johnnie.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries has paper and crayons on hand for leaving messages on their bulletin board.  Here's a photo of my masterpiece..."Cleveland Rocks" on top, and "Greetings From Ohio" written on the bottom.  I've printed out my photo and applied it to a tag - tucked into a Five Guys' envelope for gift cards.

I bought my first alcohol inks (and I'm having fun with them!)  I applied each color to a tag and attached the tag to the page.  I'll go back later and label the name of each color.

I found these great ribbons (also on sale!) at Hobby lobby.  I cut a section of each ribbon and  glued them to the edge of the page as tabs.
 DAY 7

Our trip to St. Charles and overnight stay in a hotel near the airport (since we had to be there by 4am!!!) We arrived at the hotel before check-in, but the very gracious staff served us coffee in the beautiful lobby.  The mosaic tiled fireplace was gorgeous.  I'm not sure what I'll do with all the blank space on this page....

A welcome brochure is a great place to add a photo from the lobby and embellish with other  items.

Inside the brochure, I've attached a photo of our very nice  and cool room.  I'll write more notes about our stay on the piece of hotel stationary I have.

I still have room on the other side of the brochure for a couple photos and additional thoughts.  I also have  a menu from R.T. Weiler's where we finally had some BBQ.  I've incorporated photos from St. Charles and a coaster from the restaurant.

A couple pages for our flights to Houston International Airport and on to LAX...

And finally.....our first trip to California!  I'll post these updated pages next week.  My hope is to do a video journal flip when my travel journal is completed - if my computer cooperates!

Have a great Monday and a great week, and I hope your autumn is colorful, spectacular, and filled with celebration, creativity and love!



  1. Journal is coming together great. I read through your Tuesday trips re-finding jenniebellie. Like her pallet ideas and the ways she creates though she does leave me a little frazzled. At least you inspired me and on finding cut up cardstock cut them into giant tags and painted them for the trip to Charlotte. Looking forwards to Caligornia.

    1. Hey, Monica! I LOVED using that pallet! I highly recommend it for travel or sketching around town. I'm glad you're finding inspiration - I can't wait to see what you do with your Charlotte travels :o)

  2. Angelia, thes epages are good enough to eat (no pun intended;-)

  3. I love the way you are explaining your travel journal process. Clearly shows how important it is to collect "stuff" everywhere you go. You've shown clever ways to use brochures. Lovin' it!

    1. Thanks so much, Jan. The collecting comes easily to my Hoarder Muse! ;o)

  4. Hi Angela, I stopped by to say hello and I see my button and such a nice invitation for others to play along. Thank you so much. It warmed my heart. Would you believe I have no clue what to make for this one. hahaha The host is clueless. :) It will hit me like most of the challenges hit me, out of nowhere. I think it's because I've been so involved in a few autumn blog parties, but I should be able to focus on this soon.
    Your travel journal is awesome and I absolutely love what you did in the most recent post. WOW!
    I always enjoy visiting your page, my friend.

    1. LOL - That's funny, Marcia! I actually have too many ideas for this one - highly unusual. I have finally nailed down what I'll do for the challenge. Now to implement the idea! I'm enjoying working on my travel journal a LOT! xoxo

  5. And the minute I clicked post I knew I forgot the i in Angelia. teehee
    Oh well, more XOXO's.

    1. Ha! Not to worry, besides, I love getting extra XOXO's ;o)

  6. Angelia, do you work/play in your journal while you are traveling or wait until you get home?

  7. Jan, I only had the opportunity to work in my journal ONCE during the entire trip. It was much more important for me to actually enjoy the vacation activities. I did do everything I could to make sure I remembered everything. At the end of each day, I tucked away various collectibles and receipts into their respective pages. I'm really glad that I took a million (OK - only 900! lol) photos and that they all have a date/time stamp. That's really helping me finish my journal after the fact!


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