Sunday, December 5, 2010

Do You Hear What I Hear?

OK, I have to come clean.  Most people I know look upon Christmas with happiness and excitement and that's why I largely dedicated this December blog to a holiday theme with my journaling prompts and music playlist.  If I were creating blog posts for my benefit, I have to tell you there wouldn't be much about Christmas included.  It hasn't been a favorite holiday of mine for a very long time, and as I observe some of the things going on around me, the fondness decreases with each passing year.  I think my feelings are evident in my last intuitive journaling spreads.

Do you hear what I hear?  I wonder what people in mysterious places where I've never been might think about all this holiday hoopla.  What do they think about a holiday that promotes excess when they're looking for a safe place to rest or wondering when they'll get another meal?  Do you hear the cries of our brothers and sisters across this great planet who think only of surviving day to day?

Do you hear what I hear?  Do you hear the plethora of TV commercials implying that you're NO ONE if you're not buying expensive gifts for the people you love?  Do you hear the commercials of kids saying their parents are "nerds" if they're not driving brand new vehicles with all the bells and whistles?  Do you hear the commercials telling you that you can only be a "hero" if you buy diamonds for your someone special? 

Do you hear what I hear?  Do you hear the bombardment of "The Machine" telling you that the only way to have a successful holiday season is to spend a lot of money you don't have?  Do you hear "The Machine" telling you that there must be no signs of Christmas in public places?  Do you hear the hypocrisy?

Do you hear the songs of angels?  I know you do.  I refer to the songs of the angels you call your friends and loved ones.  Do you hear the content moaning of your angels after they've eaten too much of a meal you've prepared for them?  Do you hear the hearty laughing of those angels as fond memories are recalled or the compassionate sighing as they nod in understanding to your bad times?  Do you hear them say 'they'll always be here' with a warm embrace before heading back out into the cold to their own homes? 

Do you hear what I hear?  I hope so.  I hope that above all that is wrong in this world and wrong in your own life, I hope you hear the sounds of all that is good and decent and loving.  I hope you hear joy in the voices of the young angels in your life, and I hope you hear the warm echos of those voices who remain with you as just a memory.  Maybe most of all, I hope you hear the sincerity of my wish for all of you to hear the joy, laughter and love in your lives not just at this holiday time, but for every day in your ever after.  "Happy Creating!"


  1. what a great and reflective post. and fabulous pages as always my dear.

  2. So thoughtfully said and so well put! You inspire me. I've said it before... and I will repeat it again... in a louder sweeter voice; I am so proud to know you. Everyone should have access to this blog. Love ~ Rita

  3. Angelia; I must say, you are a true inspiration! I really love this post! I am right there with you in your thoughts about Christmas ~ in fact every year about this time I apparently sink into a bit of depression (my hubby told me this just this weekend)... for a few reasons 1.) I miss my Dad who passed away almost 17 years ago and 2.) I HATE how commercial Christmas has become too!
    We don't even have Cable t.v. or satellite or whatever they call it these days but we still see the commercialism in all the flyers - my son delivers them so we see them.
    I do hear the good things though and that is the love of my family and God who so richly blesses His people.
    As I was reading your post this thought crossed my mind..., "Wow, she really get's it! She REALLY knows how to dive in deeply to her soul and get it out and onto the page!" I just thought I would share that with you! You really do get it!

    Thanks for sharing this post today and making me think.
    Hugs and blessings to you.

  4. I just want to light a candle and smell the cedar. This is bliss.


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