Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Painting with Plastic

When I take out my journal, I have no idea where creativity will take me.  This morning, as I pulled out the colors that spoke to me, I decided to paint with plastic. Yep, plastic!

Usually, I only choose 2 or 3 colors, but today 5 colors jumped out at me! Aren't they luscious?

I applied 5 big blobs of color to the right side of my spread

Then I took an old credit card and transfered some of the paint blobs to the left side of my spread.

Holding the card at about a 45 degree angle, I spread the paint in a random manner.

 I applied more blobs of  the same paint colors to my favorite palette - a small paper plate.  In addition, I added black and white and pulled out my plastic fork.  While the background dried, I studied the patterns to see what I could detect.

As I stared at the pages, the shape of a figure began to form, and the purple strokes reminded me of a keyboard.  I began applying paint with the handle of the fork.  First, the light green to highlight the arms, and  then, white and black to hightlight the keys.  I could see the faint beginnings of a face on the upper left.

I turned my attention to the right side of the spread.  I saw the makings of a hand on the lower right corner.  The yellow area looked like the top of a drum, and as I studied the page further, I saw the faint shape of two eyes and a head.  Continuing to use my fork handle, I applied more paint highlighting and shadowing the various shapes that I could see.  I added the curved black line behind my bongo player to draw the eye to the left and add a little more interest to the page.

I had a lot of fun with this spread, and now I have a jazz club in my journal.  I know that somewhere out of view are people laughing and chatting at tables in darkened corners, and the soft tinkle of ice against glasses.

And me? I'm tapping my toe to the rhythm of the bongo player and contemplating where "Happy Creating!" might take me tomorrow. 


  1. Great tutorial post Angelia. You are so brave with your journal. I laugh at myself knowing that I am NOT! I really need to loosen up!
    I love that you drew the portraits out of the paint and made them into your very own jazz club!
    Hugs and blessings

  2. Very very cool pages - I love how relaxed you are with your journal. Love the music too, really chilled.

  3. Many Thanks for sharing the process - very inspiring. :)

  4. All the color is SO fun! I can feel the enthusiasm!

  5. Awesome!!! I'm inspired!!! And your music has such a summer vibe...yum.


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