Monday, February 14, 2011

Drawing II

So I had my 2nd drawing class last Wednesday, and I have to say it's starting to grow on me.  I decided that I would only work on my drawing in class, but in the meantime, I started playing with a new drawing at home. 

The first week, I applied lemon yellow, peach and blush pink layers (Prismacolors).  This week, I began shading her face with sienna brown.  This is referred to as "mottling" the face.  The next layer of color will be pink.  Then mineral orange, cherry black or black raspberryI also added her 2nd eye.  She's alive! (at least a little bit).

I wanted to apply what I'm learning to another drawing, so I found another picture in my picture file (torn from a magazine).  Her skin is a lot lighter, so there aren't that many layers of color.  I began with yellow and used peach and sienna.  The shadowed area is olive green and indigo blue.  I made the mistake of using black, but the color was "dead".  (I should have known better.) My fax pas was easily corrected with a kneaded eraser. 

It's still very textured, but when I finish applying all of the color there will be a final burnishing layer of what is now a mystery color.
Over the weekend, I watched the movie, "Coco before Chanel".  It's a french, subtitled movie staring Audrey Tautou as Coco that I have on DVR.  The cinematography is beautiful, and I was so inspired by some of the close ups of Audrey's face that I did some charcoal sketches with the help of the "pause" button.

I had applied a glaze of aquamarine blue to my next set of journal pages.  (I always put left over paint in my journal pages.  I really can't stand wasting paint!)  I started sketching some of the stills with charcoal and added a wash of sienna brown when I finished sketching.

I really loved the way the right side of the page turned out.  I added some white artist acrylic to cover some of the blue and added a phrase in French.  Although I don't speak French, it seemed fitting for the page.  Gotta love Google Translator!

I'm enjoying drawing again.  It's been years since I've really drawn anything, and after looking at all of my wild, fauvism styled art, people seemed shocked that I even know how to draw.  That makes me smile in amusement every time.

Whatever your endeavors, remember to explore different creative styles and mediums, and as always, "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!"


  1. Your Coco is so alive she almost jumps off the Loved that movie btw. If half of the story was true, Coco was an amazing woman to build her empire.

  2. Fabulous sketches Angelia. I should really take a course on using pencil crayons in my drawings. I don't find them vibrant enough for me and then they always rub off on my hands... and yuck! LOL! You do a fabulous job with them though!
    Big hugs to you Angelia. I am glad you are enjoying drawing again.

  3. YES!!
    The Universal YES!
    You sure *can* draw....

    La dame est tres chere!


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