Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Day of Summer

It's the last day of the 2010 SUMMER Party and your last opportunity to enter links to your SUMMER journal pages for a chance to win the *ARTtastic giveaway HERE.

Summer came in with blue skies, the eager song of Orioles,

and lots of opportunities for bird watching and creating art on the deck.

There was plenty of time for dreaming

and remembering summers past.

SUMMER 2010 may only live on in footprints

and shadows,

but the road ahead looks bright with the promise of more incredible tomorrows and "Happy Creating!"

"Let Your Art Shine All Over The World"

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fire, Art, Music & Tech Burn Out

I tried to create a post earlier, but honestly, I'm just burned out, shut down -the brain has exited the building.  I've not yet found a solution to my video tech problems and quite frankly, I'm exasperated to the point where I just can't deal with it anymore for awhile. 

It was definitely time to "Fill the well" and recharge my spirit, and that's just what I did this weekend by working in my journal, and surrounding myself with good friends, good music and good wine.

We had a wonderful bonfire at Ro's on Friday night.  It was a beautiful starry night with some scattered clouds, and the moon was just a few days past full. It was a night perfect for listening to the crackling fire and sipping wine.

Photo: "August Moon" taken by Keith Thompson
We went out Saturday night to listen to our singer/songwriter friend, Tom Smith, play a gig at Rider's 1812 Inn in Painesville.  Tom entertained us with favorites from decades past, like Seals & Crofts', "Summer Breeze" and Bob Dylan's, "Don't Think Twice". 

He covered many more favorites from artists like The Beatles, Al Green, James Taylor and the more contemporary Verve Pipe and Black Crowes, but it's Tom's thoughtful and tender originals that always captivate my attention.  Tom is genuine, caring and  funny, and I am always enriched after having been in his presence.  He and his wife, Kathy, are far more family than friends.

And speaking of Kathy, she turned us on to an excellent Australian Shiraz.  How can you possibly go wrong with a wine named, "Layer Cake"?

So, that's about it for now.  Today I went for my morning walk with Ro and did some grocery shopping.  After putting the groceries away, I basically spent the day doing NOTHING.  That's right, I did NOTHING, and in doing so continued to feed my spirit and recharge my energy.

Now, I'm feeling like I can face my technical problems head-on tomorrow and find a solution.  After all, there are so many wonderful things coming up for the month of September and they all point to "Happy Creating!"

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday with a Cherry on Top!

Yesterday was a fantastic day!  Ro and  I met at the beach for our morning walk.  We headed down the shoreline in the opposite direction of our usual journey into territory yet uncharted by us.  We came across an enormous tree care worn by Lake Erie and given to the beach as a spectacular bench.  We indeed rested and enjoyed the calming waters gently kissing the sand.

I returned home, watered my flowers, made breakfast for myself and jumped back into the video project that I've been working on to share with you.  It's my first video and I'm having all kinds of problems with  it!  After my tech guy (my son, Mike) came over last weekend and installed a conversion program, I thought the rest would be a walk in the park.  I finally figured out how to insert some pics into my video, mute the video's audio and insert music.  As I finished my breakfast, I was quite pleased with my WMM project and hit the "Publish Movie" button.  I thought my problems were over, but NOOOooooooooo, not so quick there, Angelia.  It seems that now there are compression issues.  The bottom half of my video is now GREEN. What?  Really? An emergency call to Tech Guy and I find out there's MORE installing of programs to be done. 

OK. I'll admit it. I was PISSED OFF!  I knew the only thing I was going to upload was my butt into the car and OUT of here.  I was going on and on - WHY am I doing all this anyway?  Who cares? I could be outside goofing off and enjoying the beautiful weather! Plan B initiated.  I needed to go buy canvas for my commission anyway, and I really needed to step away from all things electronic.  I made up my mind to share the video with you anyway, so I began the "upload video" process here in Blogger.  After all, we're friends and friends share the crappy stuff, too.  I went to my blogger dashboard, and that's when I noticed that there was now a comment on Thursday's post!

I look for comments on my post several times a day and I read EVERY single one.  Your comments are what keep me posting and I want you to know how very much I appreciate each one.  You guys always make me laugh and smile, but yesterday's comment took me totally by surprise. It read,  " Angelia: I have given you an award on my blog...Hugs to you"  It was from Kelly, from Kellys Art Journaling, one of my very favorite blogs!

With a huge, dumb grin on my face, I rushed right over to Kelly's Art Journaling to see what kind of award I'd been given, and here it is, "Cherry On Top Award".  What an honor, and what TIMING! Pissed off? Who's pissed off? Ahhhh....synchronicity was at it again! Just when I was ready to pack it in and GIVE UP (at least for a day or two), I'm given the acknowledgment that I AM in the right place and I DO make a difference. So.....the rules for this award are:

1.  THANK THE PERSON WHO GAVE IT TO YOU.  Kelly, you and your blog are a huge inspiration to me.  Thank you so much for your continued support of my efforts.  I'm very touched that you thought of me for this award.


3.  POST THREE THINGS YOU LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF:  Just three? LOL - OK. 1. My dedication to LOVE - God, family, friends, all mankind regardless of race, creed, color or religious/sexual orientation. (The greatest illusion is that we are separate) 2. My sense of humor.  3. My passion for ALL of the fine arts & music. 

4.  POST A PIC YOU LOVE.  Keith took this pic of us Thursday night at the beach sunset. How cute are we! :o)


1.  Connie Hozvicka @ Dirty Footprints Studio. Genuine, juicy and BIG. I love this gal and her vision.  Thanks for all your support, Connie. 

2.  Traci Bautista  Can you say "Eye Candy"?  I want to roll around in her art. WONDERFUL!

3.  Effy Wild   Wild AND Precious. And very supportive.  Thanks, Effy.

4.  Samantha Kira Harding  Journal Girl, AWESOME girl :o)

5.  Less Herger  Another supportive and wonderful creative. Thanks for welcoming me into your journaling community, Less!

I could list MANY more blogs that deserve this award.  I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful group of creatives it's been my pleasure to have met and to have become acquainted.  I hope you will find time to visit these wonderful blogs and show your love and support to these wonderful creatives.  Also check out the blogs that are included in the Blog Hops, and let these help inspire you on your own journey to "Happy Creating!"

Friday, August 27, 2010

Guest Artist

Today it's my pleasure to feature the artwork of God and my hubby, Keith.  It was so beautiful at Mentor Headlands Beach yesterday, that it crossed my mind to go back for sunset.  So, with Mugs -o- Coffee in hand, Keith and I headed out with my new Sony camera and the opportunity for some great shots.  I was a little stunned to realize that we haven't gone down to the beach for sunset all summer long.  Here are just a couple of the amazing shots that Keith captured.  Enjoy!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

To Market, To Market

But No Fat Pig Purchased!

After an invigorating morning at the beach, I spent the late afternoon with my sons, Nick & Mike.  We walked from Mike's house to the Farmer's Market, per Google Maps, exactly 1 mile away from his house.  It was a HUGE challenge for me to walk there and back last week, but this week, I've got to say there was minimal whining from me. 

There's something very beautiful about seeing the produce so neatly displayed, and all those luscious colors!

All of the vendors were so friendly and eager to share their knowledge with everyone.  There was almost a carnival atmosphere present, and it was busy without being too crowded.

It was a lot of fun walking there and hanging out with "my boys" for the afternoon.  The bonus were the juicy peaches, huge summer squash & zucchini, and perfect ears of delicious sweet corn that filled my bag.  Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig, and my "Happy Creating!" will be in the kitchen creating dinner from the beautiful bounty of the Farmer's Market.


"Let Your Art Shine All Over The World"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prehistoric Porn

So I'm trying to water my flowers and deadhead the spent blossoms while the grasshoppers are doing what they do....HOP!  And they're hopping EVERY where!  And of course, I can't see them as they're hidden beneath the foliage, so they get watered along with the flowers.  They don't like the water.  They freak out.  I freak out.  It's a giant freak show.  So as if all that freaking out isn't enough, I come across this little porn show going on in a pot of geraniums and petunias.

Being the inquisitive soul that I am, I was obligated to see if a little water would send the lovers scattering, but it didn't phase them.  There will be even more of the little prehistoric monsters hopping about soon.  There really is "power in numbers", because this mini plague of locusts is starting to creep me out.  All of a sudden, autumn seems like a pretty good idea about now.  Besides, I'll have more time for indoor activities like "Happy Creating!"

Meanwhile, I'll concentrate on the glimpses of goldfinch at the beach.  The number of days left for the SUMMER party are numbered - get those page links posted for a chance to win the *ARTtastic giveaway!

"Let Your Art Shine All Over The World"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ya Gotta PLAY!

Today it's all about play!  Well, maybe just a tad of work, but mostly I'm gonna play!  I'm going to do some things I haven't done in a L O N G while. 1.  I'm going to the fabric store.  2.  I'm going to the bookstore.  Those are two of my favorite activities and I haven't done either in months. 

Play is good for the spirit and the mind.  Play erases fatigue, refreshes one's outlook, and trumps melancholia hands down! 

So take a break from your routine to enjoy some of the pleasurable activities that you haven't indulged in recently.  You'll revive your inner child and find your "Happy Creating!"

"Let Your Art Shine All Over The World"

There's still time to enter your page links for the SUMMER party and *ARTtastic giveaway!  Look HERE

Monday, August 23, 2010


It's funny how the universe works in quiet synchronicity.  As I was updating today's featured song, I noted that I had one song too many in the list.  I moved the next song in line to the bottom of the list and the next song to play was "Theme from Summer of '42".  Have you ever seen the movie?  If you haven't, I recommend taking the time to watch.  It's a great "coming of age" film.  I first saw it as a teenager and the theme has haunted me ever since.

When I arrived at the beach this morning, I was stunned.  All of a sudden, it was autumn.  I knew it was coming, I could feel it peak over the horizon last Friday.  Maybe it was the angle of the sun or maybe it was the slight difference in tone of the tree leaves, but I could feel autumn peaking at me then, and today, there it was staring right at me. . .

... in the waves crashing into the shore ..

...and the gulls playfully gliding on the northern breeze.

There was just no denying that warm, summer days are in the eleventh hour, and before long, the crisp, northern breezes will turn to cold, northern winds as autumn arrives in all her splendor and paves the way for another long winter.

As I sat on a bench enjoying  the moment, watching the dramatic clouds gently roll across the lake, and listening to the waves, I was suddenly reminded of those last melancholy scenes from "The Summer of '42" and the end of the summer season.  It's been difficult to shake the mood.

But tomorrow's another day, and one of the great things about living in Ohio is that you never know what the next day's weather will bring.  Actually, we have a saying here:  "You don't like the weather?  Stick around 5 minutes, it will change."  And so it did . . .

Happy Monday and "Happy Creating!"  Don't forget to post your SUMMER journal pages HERE.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Photo Journaling

As I look through the photos I've taken over the last month, it occurs to me that I'm becoming somewhat of a photo journalist, and the saying, "a photo's worth a thousand words", immediately comes to mind.   When I look at the spectacular sky photos I captured this past week, I am able to recall the feelings of awe and of my own insignificance in this vast universe as I gazed into the breath taking beauty of nature's creation.

It's been so rewarding to slow down and get "up close and personal" with nature.  Keith and I have been looking to upgrade our camera, so I borrowed our son, Mike's, Sony Cyber Shot.  I've been experiencing my SUMMER world with new eyes through the use of  "macro" function. It's amazing to experience the world in this "super realism"!

I hadn't realized (or remembered) just how textural and industrial looking a grasshopper is!  And did I mention creepy?  One is fascinating,  two are OK, but three or more together becomes a little shop of horrors!  There's a corner of my deck that they seem to have turned into a condo and they hop around like popcorn in the afternoon sun.  They seem to be enthralled with the white flowered perennials that are now blooming.  Needless to say, I water in the morning and give them their space!

For me, no other season brings back childhood and adolescent memories alive like SUMMER, and nothing says SUMMER more than fields of Queen Anne's Lace.  I recall the hours spent roaming country fields and woods with girlfriends dreaming of the exciting things to come like driving cars and going out with boys, or fretting over whether our breasts would get bigger or if we'd be invited to the next "hip" party.  Ah....how simple and innocent were those days. . .

Those shadows of the past can tug at my heart with a longing for the innocence of youth and going back to a time when choosing just the right outfit for a big event was the most pressing issue in a day's time.  I recall the shadows of long, hot summer days in the country making flower necklaces and catching lightening bugs at twilight.

How lucky are we that we are able to recapture those shadows of the past that put a smile on our face and warm, fuzzy feelings on our heart?  I'm glad that I've been able to journal this month of August through photographs and share wonderful walks and memories with friends and loved ones.  It's a pleasure sharing this SUMMER journey with you, and I hope it inspires you to "Happy Creating"! with your camera and recalling the happy shadows of your past.

"Let Your Art Shine All Over The World"
Don't forget to enter your SUMMER page links for a chance to win the *ARTtastic giveaway.  Directions to enter are HERE

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Giveway Item 4

*ARTtastic Tiara

What journal junkie wouldn't love her own, unique tiara to place upon her head for more creative inspiration?  This lovely, paper mache tiara was hand painted by me specifically for YOU!

*ARTtastic Giveaway Item 4 - This lovely tiara

"How can I win this AWESOME tiara", you ask?  Simply create a SUMMER themed journal page, post it on your blog or website, and place a link to the image here on Angelia's Art Journals.  That's it!  Each link enters you into the drawing to win!  Go HERE to read the details of how to enter and to see a list of the other prizes.  So what are you waiting for?  Get those SUMMER journal pages posted while you're "Happy Creating!"
"Let Your Art Shine All Over The World"

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dazed and Confused

I'm not really dazed and confused but I like that title.  Do you know that great Zeppelin song? It reminds me of summer.  Let me see if I can find it.  OK, here it is. Enjoy!

 Well, maybe I am a little dazed today but I don't think I'm confused.  It's been a busy week, a joyous, victorious week, and an exhausting week.  My mind is everywhere and nowhere.  I can't seem to focus my attention on any one thing because I've got so much going on.

Yesterday morning's sky was absolutely breathtaking over Lake Erie

In addition to my 1.2 mile morning beach walk, I walked about 2 miles to the Thursday farmer's market in downtown Painesville with my son, Mike, yesterday.  We had a great time and we bought some really yummy fruits and veggies.  It was SO hot - especially walking back to Mike's house.  I thought I would drop from exhaustion and when a squad passed us I wanted to thumb a ride.  But I MADE IT! I felt so victorious when we reached his house.  I really pushed myself.  I almost passed out, too.  I could see the darkness trying to envelope me as I tried to get my heart rate back down, but thankfully I was able to remain consciousness!

Part of the Buckeye Trail that runs through Mentor Headlands Beach State Park

So this morning, I pulled out a fairly new pair of tennis shoes that I had only worn about 3 times and headed to the beach for my usual morning walk.  WOW! What a difference a pair of shoes make!  I was still sore and tired from all of yesterday's walking, but I was invigorated and managed to walk most of the soreness away.  I'm going to tell you more about all this walking in September.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there's a SUMMER party going on!  Have you been journaling?  Where are those summer pages?  Don't be shy!  Let me see what you're doing.  Post you summer page links HERE!

"Let Your Art Shine All Over the World"

And, (drum roll, please) I've almost completed the 4th item for the *ARTtastic Giveaway!  I'll be posting pics tomorrow.  I've also completed lots more backgrounds in the Giveaway journal.  You're gonna love it!

Let me remind you that inspiration is everywhere to put you in your "Happy Creating!" mode.  Let SUMMER in all her glory inspire YOU!

Monarch butterfly at Headlands Beach Park

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gone Fishin'

I've gone fishin' but I haven't taken any poles or lures.  I've gone fishin' with my paints and journal in my own fantasy world that I enjoy sharing with you.

A journal spread, "Gone Fishin' "   Created with craft acrylics & bubble wrap

I've gone fishin', but it's just to look at and appreciate the ambiance of the seafood restaurants down the road from me and on my way to the beach for my morning walks.

Brennan's Fish House, Grand River, OH

Pickle Bills, Grand River, OH

I've gone fishin', and it's with my friend and fellow artist, Ro.  We cast our troubles into Lake Erie and reel in the rewards and benefits of walking our way to better health.

Angelia & Ro (Photo: Ro Clarkin)

I've gone fishin', but it's with my camera.  I've captured special glimpses of nature on our morning walks, like this morning's awesome deer encounter.  These precious moments frozen in time are worth more than their weight in gold.

Deer at Headlands Beach State Park

I've gone fishin', but not for any real fish.  I've gone fishin' in the electronic universe searching for answers, and the greatest catch that I've found is YOU.  Each one of you who take the time to visit my blog, comment on the posts and participate in my activities are the ANSWER to my need to share this creative gift that I've been given. 

Thanks to each and EVERY one of you for the support, advice and love you've given to this Ohio artist and her "Happy Creating!".

"Let Your Art Shine All Over the World"

The SUMMER party and *ARTtastic giveaway continue! There's still plenty of time to enter, so read more about it and post your links HERE.
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