Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let's Get It Started!

The long awaited date is here!  The 21 SECRETS playground doors open late tonight at 2:00 am EST! 

Don't have your playground pass yet?  NOT to worry - there's still plenty of time to enroll and join the other 155 journalers who have registered as of today!

Click HERE for more info and to register for 21 Secrets

   (Please use this link so I get credit for your particpation!)


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summer of Change

When I look back at the summer of 2010, I think I'll look at it as the summer of change.  This was the summer that I decided to take my life back both emotionally, spiritually and physically.  This was the summer that I decided to make the choice to be happy every day inspite of the ridiculous things going on around me.  This was the summer I decided to make connecting with my "inner voice" a priority each day, and this was the summer I decided to lead a healthier lifestyle.  This was the summer I dedicated myself to walking every day (well, almost!), and this was the summer I made a commitment to myself to treat my total being with love and respect.

This was the summer that I dedicated to finding balance within myself and in my daily life.  This was the summer that I committed to daily blogging to share my passion for the music, the arts and life in general.  This was the summer I got to meet wonderful, new creatives on this same life path, and this was the summer that I hope I've encouraged you to trust yourself and express your own "Happy Creating!"

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scenes From an Autumn Day

Keith had the day off work on Friday.  We both love autumn and spent most of our courtship walking through the woods and taking long drives through Ohio and Pennsylvania.  This past Friday we loaded into my little red Mazda and headed off to our favorite Mom & Pop diner and treated ourselves to the breakfast special.  Afterwards, we headed south to Punderson State Park for our first glimpses of fall color. 

We weren't disappointed.  The colors were beautiful and it was peaceful in the woods.  We didn't walk far though - it was still 90 degrees and not quite conducive to an "autumn" stroll.  It was a great ride back home. I remember Coldplay on the radio and the way the sun cast long shadows across the horizon.  After dinner we went to the beach, comfy chairs and coffee in tow.  We enjoyed a good long hour before sunset, and the approaching cold front included a wonderful breeze.

"Oh, life is like that.  Sometimes, at the height of our revelries, when our joy is at it's zenith, when all is most right with the world, the most unthinkable disasters descend upon us." ~ Ralphie - "A Christmas Story"

That's right.  A wonderful, autumn day turned into a sprained knee, 5 hours at the ER, a knee immobilizer and a bottle of  Vicodin and a pissed off Angelia trying to find SOMEone who could help her dear hubby!  My poor guy is, for all intents and purposes, immobilized and in a LOT of pain.  Of course the family orthopedic surgeon doesn't have weekend hours!  You knew that without even asking though


But that's OK.  I made my hubby a big pot of chicken vegetable soup and he's getting lots of kisses and lots of TLC until we can get an appointment with the doctor - hopefully tomorrow.  Right now, I smell a roast that needs to come out of the oven and I hear a son that's here to check on his Dad.  So enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and "Happy Creating!" - even if it is just chicken soup!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Can Fly

I can fly, and YOU can fly, too

"Wings To Fly" Acrylic on canvas An'Angelia Thompson 2008

 Look past fear.  Look past doubt.  YOU are the ONLY person like YOU in the universe!  Think about that.  No - Really stop and think about thatNo one else can stand in your shoes and see life in the exact way that YOU do.  YOU have the means to reach your potential.  I can fly, and YOU can fly, too!

"People Are Changing" Acrylic on canvas An'Angelia Thompson 2009

If you can see it, you can do it.  If you just BELIEVE it, there's nothing to it.  How do I know that?

"I WIll Follow My Heart" Acrylic on canvas An'Angelia Thmpson 2010

I know this because of YOU!  I could see myself helping hundreds or thousands of women find their voices through creative journaling.  I could clearly see that my contribution to this life, my passion in this life is showing others the way to their own creative nature and inner voice.  And I truly BELIEVED I could do it! 

There have been plenty of moments of struggle and wanting to "throw in the towel".  There have been plenty of tears and even fits of rage as I navigate my way through this Internet technology, but my BELIEF was always stronger and now I CAN FLY!  How do I know this?

I know this because of YOU!  I know this through your smiling faces and comments on my blog posts.  I know this because of the wonderful network of creative journalers I am so happily part of and I know I CAN FLY because of the love and support I receive from other creatives  who are on this same journey. 

I can fly, and YOU can fly, too!  So get into your "HAPPY CREATING!" and let not just your art shine all over the world, let YOU shine all over the world.  Give yourself permission to be YOU and fly!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wake Me Up When September Ends . . .

Because right now I feel like I could sleep until October.  I'm exhausted.  Not so much physically, but mentally.  What usually takes me an hour took a couple hours today.  Maybe it's the change in weather that's plunged us back into summer with a temperature of 88 degrees forecast for tomorrow. . .

Or maybe my ruby slippers have lost their power.  All I know is I'm too tired to think straight.  So let me sleep until October, or at least until tomorrow.  I'll fill the well and recharge the battery.  Pleasant dreams to you.  There are lots of good things coming in October that are sure to fill you with "Happy Creating!"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Last Day of Summer

I can't believe it's already here.  It's the official last day of summer, and here on Lake Erie's southern shores, it's a perfect, summer day with highs forecast to be 85 degrees

This morning's beach walk gave me plenty of time to reflect on this past summer and it's been a good one!

There was plenty of time for girly things like painting toenails

And "Girls Night Out" with plenty of laughter and adult beverages!

There was plenty of time to enjoy nature . . .

And also to enjoy nature's delicious bounty

Most importantly, there was always time for creativity and sharing with YOU! 

I hope that you will enjoy this last day of summer, and I hope that as you reflect back over these past summer months, your memories put a smile on your face and inspire you to "Happy Creating!"

Monday, September 20, 2010

21 SECRETS on SALE Today!

The much anticipated 21SECRETS Playground is on sale today! 

Soon Autumn will be here and you'll have all those evening hours open for journaling!

Don't miss out on this great opportunity for "Happy Creating!"

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meet the Rest of the Family!

Today I'm going to introduce you to the rest of the 21 Secrets family!

 Lisa Wilson of LifeUnity is going to teach the basics of beginning journaling.  If you've been hesitant to start a journal, this is the class for you!

Mariza of  Marizateria is going to show us how to incorporate selector wheels into our journals. I personally can't wait for this class!

Natalie Malik from Awkwardly Beautiful is going to show us how to enhance our handwriting in our journals

Another class I absolutely can NOT wait for is Paula Phillips' (Journal Artista) class on using doors and windows in your journal pages for "hidden" secrets.

Samantha Kira Harding, the Journal Girl, is going to show us the versatility of journaling on canvas! Can you say "embellishments"?

Sarah Whitmire of Soul Journaling is going to teach us how to journal on the go with a journaling travel kit!

Spooky, aka The Paper Phantom, is going to show us 10 fun, new ways to use old book pages in our art journals. Yay!

Tami Chacon of  Dream -Wish -Hope  is going to show us how to alter magazine images to incorporate into our art journals.

Tracie Hanson of My Blooming Life is all about doodling, and she's going to show us how to make a journal doing just that!

So there you have it - our fantastic family of 21 journal junkies who make up the 21 Secrets playground!  (Meet the rest of the family in my 2 previous posts if you missed them)

 Registration opens this MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20,
2010. The Playground opens on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2010. Entry fee of  $59 gets you access to ALL 21 CLASSES!

Want to win 2 FREE REGISTRATIONS? (one for you, one to giveaway on your own blog) ENTER TO WIN HERE


If you've been hesitant to start your own journal or if you would like to learn some new techniques to take you to the next level, this is the journaling workshop for you!  So gather your materials, but a smile on your face and enter the realm of "Happy Creating!"

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Meet Us at the Playground

Yesterday, I introduced you to 6 of the artists offering classes on the 21 Secrets playground.  Today, I'm introducing you to 6 more! 

Hanna Andersson of i Hanna Blog  is going to show us how to use tissue paper to create fantastic, layered journal pages!  Hanna's a bit more mysterious, but if you visit her blog you'll find a microscopic pic of her! :o)

No need to buy expensive art materials with Heidi Newstrand Dilley of Heidiology on the playground!  Heidi is going to show us how to use everyday, household items in our journals.
Jonathan "Blade" Manning of The Artistic Biker is going to slow down long enough to share some of his splatter techniques with us.  No bike required!

Kelly Warren of Artful Happiness will focus on the great things that kids say and show us how to incorporate that into everyday journaling.

Less Herger of Comfortable Shoes Studio is going to demystify glazes in acrylics for us and teach us layering techniques with these glazes.

The final stop on today's introductions is with Lis Hofmann of Dandelion Seeds and Dreams  Lis is going to show us how to use recycle, reuse and reinvent via the art postcard.

Don't forget to go HERE to enter the drawing to WIN TWO FREE REGISTRATIONS for the 21 Secrets Playground! (One for you, one to giveaway on your own blog!)  Hurry! The deadline for entering the giveaway is tomorrow night.  Registration for 21 Secrets opens on Monday!  Happy Saturday and "Happy Creating!"

Friday, September 17, 2010

It's A Journaling Party! And You're All Invited!

The cat's out of the bag! 21 Secrets Workshop is coming and we're all busy making it wonderful for YOU! 

I'm going to introduce you to the wonderful instructors between now and Monday, September 20th - when registration opens!  Classes begin on Friday, October 1, 2010, and run through the rest of this year and into 2011.

I'll start with Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio, our hostess with the mostest!  She's an amazing artist and the creator and administrator of the 21 Secrets workshop.  Connie is going to teach us how to be FEARLESS in our creativity and self expression!  Visit Connie's blog and ENTER TO WIN FREE 21Secrets REGISTRATION FOR YOURSELF AND A FRIEND! HURRY!!! DEADLINE IS SUNDAY NIGHT.

This is Andrea Schroeder of ABC CreativityAndrea is going to challenge us to embrace intuition when journaling.

Of course, yours truly! I love this blue & violet-toned pic so I'm making you look at it too! HA!  I'll be showing you how to create a journal page by listening to the voice of your inner child.

This is Dawn DeVries Sokol of D'blogala  Dawn is going to show us how to use those old credit cards, gift cards and hotel keys as both tools and decorations on our journal pages.

Effy Wild of Wild is going to lead us through a meditation and our soul's purpose to create a one-of-a-kind journal page.  She'll be using PDFs, MP3s and videos for this journey.

Last, but far from least for today's introductions, is Emma Peabody of Treehouse Jukebox  Emma is going to teach us Chinese paper cutting techniques to transform into fabulous journal pages!

This workshop is going to be AWESOME!  There is definitely something for everyone.  Come back tomorrow where I'll introduce the next 6 of 21 artists.  Don't be left out of the loop!  Join us on the playground of 21 Secrets for some inspiring pathways to "Happy Creating!"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mind, Body, Spirit

OK...So there's NO WAY I'm wearing a short skirt (or any skirt for that matter!), but I'm feeling triumphant and "Kick Ass" today because I've finished my video for 21 Secrets!!!  All that's left is a little tweaking, publishing and uploading.

When I hear this song by CAKE - "Short Skirt-Long Jacket" this image always pops into my mind:

And that sums up how I feel.  I've got my mind, body and spirit working together as one amazing unit and there's nothing I CAN'T accomplish!  And I'm going to enjoy this feeling while it lasts!

It's been a summer of change, and I can't wait to tell you more about it.  But for right now, I must finish my tutorial for the 21 Secrets project.  You're going to love this workshop and I'll be telling you ALL about it next week!  Meanwhile, be happy being YOU, and be confident in "Happy Creating!"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Outside The Book - Supersize Your Work

Have you ever considered taking your journal pages "outside the book" and onto a canvas?  If you don't have any experience with painting on canvas, your initial reaction to this question might have been, "What? Are you serious? I don't know how to paint!"  OK...I'll let that go for today, because I'm just planting the seed . . .

I'm willing to bet that if you browse through your journals, there are pages that beg for "more".  Maybe the color combinations really speak to you.  Maybe when you look at a page it triggers more imagery that you would like to create.  Maybe it would look really cool hanging in your dining room!

"Mardi Gras" 24" x 30 acrylic on canvas

So think about journaling outside the book.  Look through your journals  and see if there's something that begs to be supersized onto a canvas.  I've planted the seed, but now it's up to you to nurture the idea until it sprouts.  I'll be here to help you through your "Happy Creating!" and together, we'll make sure that seedling blossoms into a beautiful painting.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Are You Taking Time?


Are you taking time to enjoy the beauty surrounding you?

Are you taking time, or is time taking you?

Are you taking time to witness the small beauties in nature?

Are you taking time, or is time taking you?

Are you taking time to enjoy the people that you love?

Are you taking time, or is time taking you?

It's true: time is what you make of it.  Time is fleeting.  The minutes tick away into hours until another day slips away into golden sunset So ask yourself this question:

"Am I taking time, or is time taking me?"

Take time for "Happy Creating!"


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