Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Can Fly

I can fly, and YOU can fly, too

"Wings To Fly" Acrylic on canvas An'Angelia Thompson 2008

 Look past fear.  Look past doubt.  YOU are the ONLY person like YOU in the universe!  Think about that.  No - Really stop and think about thatNo one else can stand in your shoes and see life in the exact way that YOU do.  YOU have the means to reach your potential.  I can fly, and YOU can fly, too!

"People Are Changing" Acrylic on canvas An'Angelia Thompson 2009

If you can see it, you can do it.  If you just BELIEVE it, there's nothing to it.  How do I know that?

"I WIll Follow My Heart" Acrylic on canvas An'Angelia Thmpson 2010

I know this because of YOU!  I could see myself helping hundreds or thousands of women find their voices through creative journaling.  I could clearly see that my contribution to this life, my passion in this life is showing others the way to their own creative nature and inner voice.  And I truly BELIEVED I could do it! 

There have been plenty of moments of struggle and wanting to "throw in the towel".  There have been plenty of tears and even fits of rage as I navigate my way through this Internet technology, but my BELIEF was always stronger and now I CAN FLY!  How do I know this?

I know this because of YOU!  I know this through your smiling faces and comments on my blog posts.  I know this because of the wonderful network of creative journalers I am so happily part of and I know I CAN FLY because of the love and support I receive from other creatives  who are on this same journey. 

I can fly, and YOU can fly, too!  So get into your "HAPPY CREATING!" and let not just your art shine all over the world, let YOU shine all over the world.  Give yourself permission to be YOU and fly!


  1. aww Angelia, I needed this today. hugs!

  2. Beautiful thoughts and words - I just gotta believe they apply to me now!


  3. these are beautiful words and beautiful images! thank you for sharing all of it today!

  4. Hello dear Angelia,
    I am inspired and re-invogorated to create and share not only from your warm blog comment, but your divine art! Oh my Angelia.. I am indeed inspired! THank you for the above art.. I can feel it's heart! Thank you dear Creative Sister.. I'm SO glad you found my blog.. I look forward to keeping in touch.. and learning some art journaling myself between all the many other things I love to do, but cant' fit them into the free waking hours and a day job... but that's OK.. Life is Good! By the way.. from age 5-12 I lived in Akron, OH! Still have friends-like-family there.

    Abundant creative blessings to you...and healing energy to your hubby. :) Cheryl


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