Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summer of Change

When I look back at the summer of 2010, I think I'll look at it as the summer of change.  This was the summer that I decided to take my life back both emotionally, spiritually and physically.  This was the summer that I decided to make the choice to be happy every day inspite of the ridiculous things going on around me.  This was the summer I decided to make connecting with my "inner voice" a priority each day, and this was the summer I decided to lead a healthier lifestyle.  This was the summer I dedicated myself to walking every day (well, almost!), and this was the summer I made a commitment to myself to treat my total being with love and respect.

This was the summer that I dedicated to finding balance within myself and in my daily life.  This was the summer that I committed to daily blogging to share my passion for the music, the arts and life in general.  This was the summer I got to meet wonderful, new creatives on this same life path, and this was the summer that I hope I've encouraged you to trust yourself and express your own "Happy Creating!"


  1. Good for you - good luck in your resolve, keep strong.


  2. Angelia;
    It looks like it has been a very productive wonderful summer for you! I LOVE your second journal page! Thanks so much for sharing it! You are a wonderful smile into the world!
    Hugs and happy creating! Bless you Angelia

  3. Oh love to you and this post. I needed the reminder


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