Saturday, June 18, 2011

Journaling Outside the Book: Planting Flowers

As I sat on my deck this morning drinking my mug-o-coffee and enjoying the flowers, birds, and sounds of the neighborhood coming to life, I thought about planting my last few flowers into pots and contemplated the similarity of planting flowers and art journaling.

I thought about how I approach flower combinations in much the same way I approach paint combinations on my journaling pages.

I thought about adding contrast, color and texture.  I thought about balance and using materials I already have - like digging up some Lamb's Ear from the yard to help fill the space in this pot.

I thought about taking color cues from mother nature.  How fabulous will a yellow, red and magenta art journaling spread be?

I thought about the similarity in rescuing these less than perfect yellow petunias from the clearance bin, and turning a junk mail brochure into a fun journal.  All they needed were some tender, loving care.

As I looked around the deck, I realized they symmetry and balance I had created with color.  I could see pink/magenta paired with red dispersed evenly around the deck with splashes of yellow and deep purple.

I thought about discovering new things, like this phenomenal, black and yellow petunia, and that sometimes a pricey supply is worth it's weight in gold.  I still can't believe I paid $5.00 for this single petunia, but the great joy in watching this spectacular specimen grow is worth every penny.  I've never seen a petunia like this!

I noted that over the years, I have carefully planted my perennial flowers so the colors vibrate off of each other.  I have purple Spiderwort planted in the vicinity of spectacular, orange-red lilies which are planted next to a tall, spikey, purple, sage-like plant.

I looked at the non-flower elements on my deck.  Like old, familiar friends, my sun faces welcome me each time I venture out to the deck, and greet me on the way into the house when I arrive home.

My giant, artsy frog watches over the deck and flowers waiting for any bug or creature who would do harm to my precious flower children!

Different elements of life, like my sun water fountain or the birds coming in to feed, bring vibrancy and interaction in much the same way you stop in to read these posts and leave comments.  

Photo by Nick Thompson

As the beans from my garden box shall feed and nourish me (hopefully!), art journaling feeds and nurtures the spirit.  As a creative spirit, I realize that most every activity I undertake involves some form of creativity.  Are you realizing that in your own life?  Even when I'm not able to be directly involved in the art making process, I am almost always involved in a creative process.

Like art journaling, planting flowers over the last week has been a healing process as well as a creative process.  As we bid farewell to our "baby" as he traveled across the states to a new adventure, there was healing and acceptance as I once again realize that change is inevitable and things are "as they should be".

Photo by Keith Thompson

I'm thrilled to hear from Mike that he's "having the time of my life", and "it's a whole different world out here". After spending a good deal of time on Google Maps Street View with Keith, I know that Mike's new adventure is just right for him, and I have come to the realization that this "extended trip" is probably going to become more of a permanent situation.  I also realize that although separated by distance, we are always closely joined forever in the heart.

Whatever journeys and adventures you partake of this weekend, I hope they're exciting and rewarding, and I hope that you recognize the creativity in your life outside of the art journal.  Above all else, dear friends, remember this life is an amazing adventure, and remember to "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!".

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