Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Tips and Techniques: 10 Ways to Gain New Perspective

No matter how creative we are, we tend to get into a comfortable zone with specific materials.  There's nothing wrong with being comfortable, but trying new things enables one to gain new perspective as a creative being.  Here are 10 things you can do to escape the monotony of your art journaling creativity.

1.  Begin with random splotches of color.  Don't always plan out what you're going to journal!

2.  Try a new technique.  I just started working with the crayon/acrylic resist technique.  I'm addicted!

3. Emulate the style of your favorite artists.  I learned a lot about Klimt's work but using his techniques.

4.  Choose a different color palette.  We become comfortable with a certain range of color.  Mix it up and select some colors that you wouldn't normally choose.

5.  Do you always use color in your artwork?  Try going black and white instead

6.  Choose a larger or smaller journal.  When I go to my smaller moleskin journal, I am much more inclined to experimentation.

7.  Paint with anything besides a brush!  Use your fingers, old credit cards, stir sticks, plastic utensils - the list is endless.

8. Use charcoal.  Using charcoal has a freeing quality when sketching, and looks great - especially on top of lightly colored paper.

9. Take a class or workshop!  Even if the mediums and techniques are familiar to you, you will still walk away with a new perspective.

10.  Last, but most importantly, GET OUTSIDE!  Go for a walk and take in all the beauty that surrounds you.  "Fill your well" with all the beautiful things that CREATOR has given us to enjoy!

As always, dear friends, remember that this life is but a moment.  "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!" - with your every breath...

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  1. great reminders and ideas Angelia. It is good to step outside our comfort zones now and again


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