Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Musings: Andy Warhol

Mondays feel empty without my mandala post, so since that project is completed, I've decided to post "Musings" on Mondays.  I think about a lot of different things over the course of a day - some of which are possibly  probably a little bizarre, or "off the wall", to say the least.

Over the last few years, I've been infatuated with Andy Warhol for short periods of time.  I can't tell you what triggers the infatuation because I was never really that fascinated by his work for more than having to complete a pop art project in high school.  My project was a Soft and Dry Deodorant can.  (Yes - I still have it somewhere in the depths of my studio, but that's another post).

I think what interests me about Warhol is his quirkiness.  He had these out-of-the-box, off-the-wall, bizarre ideas and he just went with them.  He turned the daily, mundane reality of life into art.  I admire that.  I mean, who would ever think to film themselves eating a burger?  Really?  Maybe more "really" is the fact that I watched the entire thing when I first saw this a couple years ago.

Anyway, I started thinking about what Warhol might be doing if he were still alive today.  Andy died in 1987, and a LOT of things have changed over the last 20 plus years.  I can only imagine how modern technology would have changed his art and what direction his work may have taken.

All Photographs were taken by An'Angelia and altered at

I'm certain he would have loved digital media and all of the wonderful ways that photographs can be altered. Here are my flower art photos (done with Tuxpi), and here's a link to one of Warhol's flower prints.

Speaking of technology, I wonder how he would have used social media in his artwork.  I think he would have enjoyed reaching the masses through some sort of eccentric blog or a world wide art project of some kind.  I wonder if he would have "tweeted" his thoughts?

That thought leads me to subject matter.  I've thought about some of the things that may have had an impact on Warhol's work.  I wonder if he would have revisited his Campbell Soup theme?  After all, there are new labels, ie., "Healthy Request".  I'm absolutely certain that bottled water would have found it's way into his art in one form or another.  And how about reality shows?  Can you just imagine an Andy Warhol reality show?  I can only begin to imagine how YouTube and instant video would be incorporated into his work, and what celebrities do you think would have made into the "Warhol Hall of Fame"?  I can think of a few...

I'm thinking Andy might have touched upon zombies.  He would almost be forced to do so - they're everywhere you look!

Well, I guess that's enough musing about Andy Warhol for one day.  It does cross my mind that with all of this wonderful technology readily available to everyone,  Andy would have to work a little harder to make his work unique.  It does make me wonder how he would do that, but in the meantime, he's given me lots of great ideas.  Thanks, Andy!



  1. I just heard an Andy Warhol tidbit while listening to the Oldies station on the car radio. Today, marks the anniversary of the Rolling Stones release of their album, Sticky Fingers. The album cover shows a pair of jeans with a working zipper. The cover was designed by Andy Warhol.

  2. I know exactly the cover you're speaking of. I had no idea that Warhol designed that! Thanks for the info :o)


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