Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Journaling Outside the Book

The Letter "I"

Here's the 2nd installment of "Journaling Outside the Book".  I was having a wonderfully, leisurely stroll through my local craft store where I came across a basket of paper mache, letter "I"s for $.50 each.  I had NO idea what I would do with such an item, but it called to me and it was only $.50, so what did I have to loose?  Although not on sale, I also purchased this "book" box.  Hmmmmmm....perhaps it will house a handmade or junk journal?

I base coated my letter "I" (and the book) with white craft acrylic and then I gave the letter a second coat of acrylic using turquoise and yellow.  I smudged a darker blue with my fingers on all the edges for added depth.  I didn't have a planned theme, so I took a black fine point Sharpie and began writing and drawing whatever came to mind.
After I completed drawing and printing, I filled everything in with white craft acrylic.  I then began to add color with craft acrylic, and completed it by adding a coat of water based polyurethane.  This was a fun project that could be completed in an afternoon even though I did mine over several days.  It would be quite easy to add paper elements, stickers, and other ephemera to this project.
There was a clear, plastic tag used for hanging in a display attached to the back of the letter "I", and I left it on for easy hanging in my studio.  There's only one question in my mind:  What was I thinking when I only bought one?  Until next time, Big Hugs and Happy Creating!


  1. Snazzy "I" ya got there Ang... .50 ??? What were you thinking ??? ;-)

  2. This is WONDERFUL, An'Angelia!!!!! I would love to do this with my students! What store? You are an amazingly creative and gifted artist!!!!! Your work makes me smile and makes my neurons fire off like crazy!

  3. Thanks, girls! Ya'll make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :o) I found them at Pat Catan's, but I was just in there last week and they were gone. Someone with more brain cells snatched them up! LOL

  4. Hey Angelina,
    Happy to meet you !
    Your blog is great and i love what you did with the letter I.. Seeing the transformation is awesome as well. Thank you for sharing.
    I see you enjoy the book by Julia Cameron The artist way.. Great learning tool.
    I found you on my blog, on the (blog hopping list).. I don't see that you have one here but feel free to hook up to it, and gain more exposure for your blog, Enjoy,
    Thank you for being here, love your creative spirit!
    Hugs, Darlene


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