Saturday, April 30, 2011

34 Years

Long ago, in a different century, a crazy, young artist, and a quiet, gentle spirit came together as a twosome.  This inseparable pair went for wild rides in fast cars, and spent long nights gazing at the stars and chatting about all of life's possibilities and promises.

One day, they decided that they would spend the rest of this life together, and experience life's adventures as a couple.  They married and had two wonderful sons who are now their best friends.  Like many couples before them, they fell upon sickness, poorer, and worse times, but they also experienced their share of health, richer and good times.  Through it all, they loved and cherished each other.

34 years ago today, two best friends were joined in marriage and remain an inseparable pair.  The young, crazy, artist isn't so young anymore, and the quiet, gentle spirit has found a voice over the years.  There are still fast cars, but the rides are not quite so wild, and they can still be found gazing at the stars and chatting about life.  There are still possibilities to chat about, but better yet, there are memories to recall that put smiles on their hearts.

Happy Anniversary to my sweet hubby, who jumped on the crazy artist roller coaster and never jumped off.  Today, we will celebrate, love and create a happy memory.


  1. What a sweet post! Congratulations to both of you

  2. I love this post Angelia! Happy Anniversary to the both of you! May you share many more happy years together.
    Hugs and blessings dear friend.

  3. congratulations! many more happy years to come!

  4. Congratulations on making 34 years! April must be the true month of Love! I just celebrated 26 years yesterday and another blogger friend celebrated 20 on the 27th!
    We're a rare breed nowadays, but what a wonderful witness and testimony to Love, yeah?
    I hope you had a beautiful day!

  5. Happy Anniversary! I loved reading your story about you and your husband.

  6. Happy Anniversary!! We will celebrate 34 years this June 25.

  7. Happy Anniversary Angelia, what a sweet story


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