Thursday, April 7, 2011

Journal Spilling with Diana Trout

I was sorting through some of my art related material and came across the book "Journal Spilling" written by Diana Trout.  I flipped through the juicy, colorful images and decided that I would try some of her methods in a few spreads.

Before I began, I gathered some of the left overs from recent projects that I had piled nearby.  I tore pieces from my potato stamped paper, some paper that I had used to mask areas of a page, and a couple rubbings. I wrote random thoughts and doodles in Sharpie pen, and I applied a light wash of water soluble crayons to my pages and applied the torn paper with Mod Podge.  I added more crayon and added some additional thoughts and words.

Afterwards, I moved on to one of the exercises in "Journal Spilling".   Diane's methods are much like the methods I teach in workshops, so I didn't exactly leave my comfort zone.  I started with her exercise, "Taming the Critic" on page 48, and I followed the first 7 steps as follows: 1. Lay down water soluble crayon  2. Spread color with water  3. Add gesso  4. Write into gesso  5. Scribble in objects  6. Add additional crayon.  7.Scribble into crayon.  My page felt complete to me after these steps, so I didn't use the last 2 steps which are: 7.Grab color from crayon  8. Soften with white.  It's a spread with personal meaning and quite unlike anything I've completed recently.  I've never written into wet gesso before, and I have to say I really enjoyed both the action and result.

When I completed this spread, I moved on to the next lesson, " Crayon and Collage".  Following her directions I began:  1. Lay Down Crayon  2. Spread color with water  3. Lay out paper and words  4. Adhere papers  5. Add more crayon  6. Detail with pen.  These are the techniques I originally used when I first began art journaling -choosing images on a whim and adhering them to the page without a lot of thought or analyzing.  This method works on a subconscious level and has been instrumental in my personal and spiritual growth.  It's what drives me to encourage anyone who will listen to release their creativity and to start journaling.

Whatever methods you're using in your journal, I hope you find it to be an insightful and rewarding activity.  Spend time with yourself - there's no one else like you and you owe it to yourself to get to know the fabulous person that you are!  Have a great evening and remember - "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!"

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