Friday, July 22, 2011

The Unexpected

Once in a while, we are fortunate in our life's journey to get validation of the quest along our chosen path.  I received such validation last Saturday night as I was warmly, eagerly, graciously, and joyfully welcomed into the family of The Heart Tribe.

Female figure designed by Kerri

One by one, this new family celebrated my homecoming, embracing me as a long, lost sister, into the ancient knowledge of the universe.  That warm welcome was so unexpected by me.

My masks and armor lay cast aside as I stood among these beautiful, loving spirits who share the same knowing and knowledge of my heart, and I could feel their love envelope me under the moonlit sky.

We danced the dance of spirit, bound by our common condition.  We celebrated life.  We celebrated divine feminine.  We celebrated our oneness with all that is and ever was.  We celebrated LOVE.

As I look to my wrist at the tie that binds, I am forever grateful and overjoyed to be rewarded with this validation on my life's journey.  I can feel the power of our oneness.  I can feel the power of my sisters, and I marvel that in one modest backyard, I felt enough LOVE to feed the world.  I recall those moments and I am filled with hope and peace.

As you walk the path of your life's journey, my dear art journaling family, be sure to watch for your validations and remember as always, to "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!"


  1. The art work it inspired is beautiful!!

  2. Sweetest Angel...what an honor to spend time re-cognizing our HeartFULL Truth of Oneness, Magick and Love...Thank you for this amazing are truly the Art, Artist and Artistry of Love-in-Action!!!! Can't wait to continue to rock the cosmos and as you so beautifully put it...feed the world!!! LOVE!!! V~

  3. I so enjoyed hearing about this celebration of the divine feminine in class--and to see your visual expression of it here--such an encouragement! Looking so forward to class.....
    hugszzzz, kath

  4. These are such beautifully stunning pages Angelia. You are so giving, you deserve all the love you are receiving.


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