Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Smorgasbord


I want to welcome all my new readers from the Lake County News-Herald!  I hope you enjoy your time here, and I hope you won't be strangers.  Comments and questions are enjoyed and encouraged, and I hope you find some time in your busy schedule to delve into your own creativity.


You'll find links to different pages on this site, including Tuesday Tips and Techniques, Monthly Journaling Prompts, and Class information located on the sidebar.  You'll also find links to my YouTube channel, Twitter and Facebook. Grab your favorite beverage and browse the archives to see what you've been missing!


Are you interested in joining other creatives in a casual class environment?  Are you ready to unleash your creativity and explore new art journaling techniques?  I'm offering three ongoing classes right here in Lake County.  For more information, see the CLASSES link on the sidebar or go HERE.


Halloween is right around the corner, and I have two costume events to attend. Topping last year's costume will be a challenge.  Can't wait to see where my muse takes me this year!

Meanwhile, Autumn stops for no one, and as summer has begun to fade rapidly, I know I have to step aside from the journal and tend to some yard work.  I'm hoping it will stop raining long enough for me to winterize the garden.

Winter or not, there is art to be made and creativity can not be harnessed for too long.  There are always new materials to be explored and new techniques to incorporated to this constantly evolving process.

Shorter days mean longer nights and less time spent outdoors enjoying mother nature.  I'm forging ahead with new ideas and a spirit of exploration as I continue on this creative journey.

I hope you're enjoying the gift of these last few weeks before cold and snow descend upon us, and to my friends who are just entering spring, I hope you're enjoying the lush greens and yellows of new growth as you emerge from your winter hibernation!

Whatever you're enjoying this weekend, I hope you remember to take time to "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!"


  1. Hi Angelia

    I just love your blog! I've passed on an award to you in my recent post

    If you wish to pass the award onto blogs you love it's very easy, just copy and paste the image and follow the three conditions in the top of my post.

    Thanks for being fabulous, much love Jenny

  2. What a wonderful blog you have!!! I can't believe that I did not discover you before....!!!!!
    Thank you so much!,
    Greetings from the Netherlands


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me! It's a pleasure sharing the creative world of art journaling with you. I love hearing from you, so comments and questions are always welcome.

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