Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Tips & Techniques: Using Holiday Remnants

If you're like me, there are still holiday remnants scattered about your house.  Why rescue some of these items from certain demise in your garbage can?

Greeting cards are great recycled into your journal as part of a spread.  Lots of the cards we received this year have winter scenes on them that will come in handy when I'm journaling about the snow.

If you like the scene, tear the card in half: use the printed side in your journal and the other half in a junk journal.

Don't forget - you can separate the card layers for a thinner application into your journal.

You probably have left over wrapping paper and gift boxes. You can easily adhere it into your journal and use gesso over them....

Or how about making some fabulous paper beads to dangle from fibers from your journal binding?

Those fancy gift boxes will look great in a junk journal once you've cut them down and trimmed to size!

Don't forget about those holiday napkins and tissue paper.  The harlequin design drew me to these napkins, and I'm sure some of them will end up in my journal in a non-holiday spread.

Remember, those napkins can be separated into layers, too.  This napkin was 3-ply, much to my surprise.

You may have no desire to look at any more holiday themed items.  In that case, just tuck them aside for now.  After all, the holidays are just a few short seasons away!



  1. it makes me happy to see my card in the mix :)

    hopefully this link makes you happy...


  2. It was one of my favorite cards this year!


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