Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Tips and Techniques: Reuse Those Body Mist Sprayers!

Body mist spray bottles aren't just for the bath anymore!  When the last drops of your favorite scent are gone, wash out the empty bottle and grab your favorite craft acrylic color.

A very small amount of paint will go a long way in creating soft, misty effects on your journal page.  Three or four drops of paint, a couple tablespoons of water, and some vigorous shaking is all it takes.

I was thinking about the beautiful Redbud and apple blossoms that we saw at the park last week, so I decided I would create a page with that theme.  I first applied watercolor to the blank paper for a soft background.

I misted the remaining white areas with the paint in the body spray bottle.  I kept the journal flat on the table so it would puddle in places and blend in with the watercolor in other places.

Once I was satisfied with the amount of paint on the page, I began tilting my journal so some of it would run and add subtle texture.

Thinning the acrylic paint allows it to become more transparent.  You can see that the yellow watercolor paint still shows through the acrylic spray.

A few lines of journaling, a quick sketch with black India ink and a dip pen, and the addition of more watercolor paint completed my page.  Very minimal.  Very zen.  Very unlike my usual work!

Now for the "not so much fun" part.  The sprayer must be cleaned out with warm, soapy water so the paint doesn't dry in the tube or nozzle.

The good news is, this particular brand (Bath & Body Works), disassembles quite easily.  My bottle had been laying in my art travel bag and was clogged so I had to do a major cleaning.  If you take the top off and stick the spraying assembly into soapy water, you can give it a few sprays until it sprays clear, place the closed bottle upright, and it will be good to go next time you decide to use it.

I know you've got at least one body spray bottle almost empty - don't forget you've got some paint that wants to live there!



  1. What a beautiful page- so soft and simply SWEET! Thanks for sharing this technique too ;)

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! Let me know if you give it a try! ♥

  2. So happy I can finally come and visit because for weeks my computer kept blocking my entry to your site so I had to be content with phone visits and they just aren't the same...I have just discovered spray bottles and have had the best time in the last few weeks... I love this piece of work though and it is spurring me on to get in and keep going at it...xx

    1. Hey, Tracey! Happy to have you back and glad you can visit via computer again! I've just been back from visiting your blog, and your posts just make me smile and feel good all over! I'm looking forward to seeing what else you do with your spray bottles. Hugs!


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