Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Tips and Techniques

Formula Two

Here's another step-by-step on creating a journal page.  I hope you find it helpful as a way to break out of your usual methods.

First of all, concentrate on just one page (assuming you typically work across two pages as a spread).  This allows you to both work faster, and work in a vertical format instead of horizontally.

Write your thoughts.  Don't think about what you're writing.  Just let the words flow.  Don't worry about spelling or punctuation.  This is about spewing whatever's on your mind in the moment.  Write in multiple directions.  Overlap your words.  Just GET IT OUT!

Now take out your favorite watersoluble pastels and scribble to your heart's content.  Pretend it's kindergarten.  Use ALL the crayons in your box if you want.  Just enjoy the pleasure of applying color to paper.

Tone all that scribbling down with gesso or white acrylic and a little water.  I use my fingers for this.  Leave some areas more white than others.  

Add more texture with random scribbles and words or phrases that come to mind.  Here, I've used a charcoal pencil, but I typically use a black brush pen (which I couldn't find and didn't want to look for).

Add more color and brighten some of the areas.  You might see the beginnings of something unidentifiable taking shape.

Add some contrasting colors with acrylic paint.  Use your fingers.  Use a paintbrush.  Use an old credit card.  PLAY!  Hold your journal upright.  What images do you see taking shape?

Sketch around some of the basic shapes that you see.  Here, I could see a figure with a headdress.  I added the heart and wings - Voila!  I think I've found an angel.

Add gesso or white acrylic around the image and concentrate on that.  You can add more color to the background later.  Add details and shading to your figure, Then you can concentrate on the background.

Add little details to both your image and background.  Use symbols and doodles.  As a final touch, journal a few last thoughts that come to you as you're working.  Most of all - have FUN.  This isn't about quality, gallery art - it's about YOU, expressing yourself creatively.



  1. Beautiful!!!! Thanks sharing your methods !!!!

  2. Love this post Angela! And the end result!

  3. WOW Angelia... this is so awesome... and I just love the finished result... your angel is gorgeous... and I just love how she emerged from the background... thank you for sharing...

    Jenny x

    1. Hey, Jenny! Thanks so much. I love journaling like this because I never know what the results will be :o) ♥

  4. LoVe this! I sometimes play with backgrounds until I see something emerge from it. that sort of intuitive approach really resonates for me.

    And I can see it does for you too!

    1. Thank you! To me, this is what journaling's all about. I like not being concerned about the finished product and just "letting it all hang out"! :o)

  5. Wow, what a transformation, GF! It's fun watching the transformation from 1st to last.....You are AMAZING!!! (As always!) LYLAS


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