Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mum's The Word

I've been busy working on the 3 commission paintings due November 1st, but I've still had time to get outdoors, and enjoy this spectacular autumn. 

I'm still going out for my daily walk at the beach, and I take time for reflection in the cool, damp solitude as I walk alone on the path.

Even with the sun tucked neatly behind gray, cloudy skies, maples burst from the landscape in a blaze of color.

One of my favorite autumn sights are the beautiful chrysanthemums in bloom everywhere.  I'm particularly pleased  with this small pot of garden mums that survived the cold of last winter and responded to my TLC over this long, hot summer.

As October gives way to the shorter, colder days ahead on the November horizon, I am still able to enjoy the bounty of blossoms from my summer garden.

The weatherman hinted that major changes are coming at the end of next week, so until then, I'll continue my daily 2 mile walk at the beach, and "Happy Creating!" with a "mug-o-coffee" to keep me warm. 

Living so close to Lake Erie makes it highly unlikely that we'll see any snow next week.  But just in case - shhhhhhh.....mum's the word!

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