Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October - Soup's On

You've got to love autumn and you've got to love synchronicity.  When the first cool nights of autumn arrive and we begin to contemplate "turning on the furnace!", the first thoughts of warm, comforting, soup begin to creep into my psyche. I recall coming home from school and walking into my mom's kitchen, and basking in the mouth watering aroma of her homemade soup gently simmering on the stove.

I must have been thinking about soup when I began this journal spread that was initially inspired by magazine paper that I tore into strips and glued to my page after randomly applying red, gold and black craft acrylic as a background.  I cut out this bowl of soup from the latest addition of Woman's Day, as well as the spoon and the "October" and "Soup's On.  I wrote the phrase "comfort food" in a repeat pattern to give additional texture to the background, and I printed a list of soup ingredients with gold craft acrylic to add balance.  I finished the page by randomly adding gold craft acrylic dots for added visual interest.

Several days after I completed this spread last week, my oldest son asked me if I would make soup for him.  Of course, I'm ecstatic and happy to do so and I can't help but wonder if this bit of synchronicity is a sign that autumn evokes the same feelings of comfort in him that I feel. 

The comfort of coming in from the cold to a place of warmth, caring and safety from the elements is a feeling that must be universal.  Maybe it's the feeling of being loved and cared for that gets imprinted from that first bowl of soup we're presented with when we're sick with a cold or flu, or maybe it's just the result of one very successful Campbell's campaign. 

All I know is that it's October and the soup's on!  Whether I'm in the studio or in the kitchen, I'll be "Happy Creating!" and it will be Mmmmmmmmmm -good!


  1. Mmmm, I can smell its lovely aroma from here! I love soup too and those pages have made me want to go and make some NOW!


  2. i love your ingredients pic. i remember those days when sons would come in an want a warm bowl of soup. we need smell-a-vision.


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