Monday, November 22, 2010

10 Tips for Holiday Journaling

Here we are at the dawn of the holiday season and the end of another year! The next 6 weeks always seem to go by in a blur of shopping, baking, cooking, entertaining and visiting family and friends. It’s almost impossible to find five minutes to yourself. That’s why it’s important to find time to continue journaling.

Art journaling will not only help to relieve some of the holiday stress, it will also help you to reflect on any difficulties you’re going through and it will help you document those happy moments for future trips down memory lane.

Here are some tips to help you continue journaling through the holiday season.

1. Prep your pages beforehand. Create some autumnal backgrounds to recall your 2010 Thanksgiving activities. Use your favorite holiday colors to record your Christmas events, thoughts and feelings.  Apply them in random patterns across the pages.

2. Prepare some spreads that include lists. The holiday season is full of planning, so why not make lists in your journal on beautifully decorated pages? There are menus, guest lists, gift lists, holiday card lists - it’s endless! By creating lists in your journal, you’ll always know where they are and you won’t have to keep track of a lot of different papers!

3. Adhere paper mementos into your journal spread or tuck them into pockets that you’ve made or attached to your pages. Paper napkins and restaurant menus, coasters, school programs, holiday greeting cards and other event notices are good reminders of your holiday fun.

4. Incorporate wrapping and tissue papers into your journal. Even small scraps can be incorporated into fun artworks. How about some triangle hats or a funky purse for one of your spreads? Or how about designing an envelope for holding mementos?

5. Don’t forget the ribbons! Tie them on the binding or glam up your spread with a little bling! Use them as little handles to flip pages.  Double sided tape works great as an adhesive.

6. Research those recipes - and put them in your journal! If you’re like me, you like trying new recipes during the holidays. Be sure to make a couple journal spreads for those. Leave space for the recipe on the left side, and record adjustments and reviews on the right. Don’t forget to take a picture of your gourmet creation!

7. Remember and reflect on those loved ones who are no longer with you. The holidays are notoriously difficult for coping with loss, and if this is the first holiday season without a loved one it can painful. Don’t suppress your sadness, but instead acknowledge the pain by remembering your loved one in your journal. It’s bound to put a smile both on your face and in your heart.

8. Dream On! Your mailbox will be stuffed full with catalogs and sale fliers. Cut out those items you love and create a virtual Christmas page for yourself. It’s an indulgence that won’t cost you anything more than a glue stick!

9. Say goodbye to 2010! Don’t forget to create a spread for New Year’s Eve. Even if you stay home in your PJs and watch the tube, it will be nice to bid 2010 a fond farewell.

10. Look ahead to 2011. Create a spread for the New Year! This is a good time to start a fresh journal with new ideas, new possibilities and  new opportunities for “Happy Creating!”


  1. Great to see you today and after our catchup and catatonic in aisle in 514 I came home and rocked out to a bag of pistachio nuts and a pint of crappy frappachino starbucks ice cream ........ coupons for both.
    kill me......
    but really good to see you!!
    the mad potter of paine falls...... rock'n out the couch

  2. So many great ideas! I'm doing this with 18 eighth graders. I like this inspiration.

  3. Great tips! I'll definitely prep a few pages early this year so my intentions don't get lost in the holiday madness :)


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