Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pears, Pears Everywhere

I've got pears on the brain because I want to do a large pear painting for my dining room.  Problem is, I'm not sure exactly what I want to do.  Eureka! 9" x 12" journal pages are the perfect way to experiment and that's just what I've done.

The first page I did was my experiment with the Super Heavy Gesso.  I gessoed the background and the pear, too.  After the gesso dried (overnight) I painted my first pear painting!  I love the texture - definitely out of my comfort zone.

This is pretty straight forward.  Gesso and artists acrylics were used.

I decided to go a little funkier with the next pear.  I use the term "pear" with artistic license - looks more like a deranged apple to me!  This is water soluble wax pastels with a touch of craft acrylic.

As long as I was experimenting, why not go hog-wild crazy! There really is a pear in there - somewhere.  This is gesso, craft and artists acrylics.

This is one of my favorites and the one closest to my usual style. This is artists acrylics.

This was way too much fun!  No paint brushes were used except to apply the stem.  I used craft acrylics and applied red, yellow and orange randomly with an old credit card.  After that dried, I roughed in the pear shape in black craft acrylic with the tip of the card and dragged black paint over the background.  Then I took green craft acrylic and applied it to the top of the pear directly from the bottle.  I tapped the journal against the table and let the paint drip.  This may just be my inspiration for a large canvas.

Am I having fun "Happy Creating!"?  I would say so!

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