Tuesday, November 30, 2010

True Colors

For as long as I can remember I have been mesmerized by color.  I recall my excitement as a child when I finally received that first box of gigantic Crayola crayons that had the built in sharpener in the back.  I've tried to recall other childhood toys, but aside from my building blocks and a couple puzzles, the memory of that first gigantic box of Crayolas has always remained foremost in my mind.

I spent hours drawing pictures and completing the pages in my coloring books (my favorite was The Flintstones), but often I would just sit and arrange and rearrange my crayons.  I would arrange them in color families, or I would choose groups of 2 or three crayons and examine how the colors interacted with each other.  I loved my crayons better than candy!

Now, looking at my tubes of acrylic paint gives me the same satisfaction.  I apply blobs of paint to my palette, (often a paper plate), and enjoy the creamy, lusciousness of each color. 

I still study the effects of different color combinations as I apply the paint to the paper or canvas.  I look for continuity of color in the composition and allow the color to direct me as I work.

I look for a balance of cool and warm colors, and I often place complimentary colors next to each other.  Using complimentary colors together makes each color vibrate off the other.

Whether warm or cool, bright, pure hues are my true colors.  I can't imagine living in a monotone world of dull, grayed-down hues.  Pure, bright colors speak to my heart and reflect the true nature of my spirit.  Have you found your true colors?  Break out of your usual color combinations and try some new ones.  You may find a new combination of colors pleasing to you, and even if you don't, I know you'll find some "Happy Creating!" while you experiment.


  1. ooo I love your use of color and that top one needs to be reproduced and hung somewhere fabulous. I love your pages they are always all so inspiring!

  2. I think it's time to buy some acrylic paints - many, many tubes of loveliness!

  3. Angelia;
    I had that same feeling as a child! I LOVED my crayons and BONUS I Loved the sharpener too! I won my first coloring contest in grade 3! Even the smell of crayons!
    Thanks for bringing that memory up!
    Your color combos you use are always so beautiful and cheery! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your tree!
    I could see that hanging up on my wall above my art desk! Beautiful!
    Hugs and blessings to you


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