Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Last Day of Summer

I can't believe it's already here.  It's the official last day of summer, and here on Lake Erie's southern shores, it's a perfect, summer day with highs forecast to be 85 degrees

This morning's beach walk gave me plenty of time to reflect on this past summer and it's been a good one!

There was plenty of time for girly things like painting toenails

And "Girls Night Out" with plenty of laughter and adult beverages!

There was plenty of time to enjoy nature . . .

And also to enjoy nature's delicious bounty

Most importantly, there was always time for creativity and sharing with YOU! 

I hope that you will enjoy this last day of summer, and I hope that as you reflect back over these past summer months, your memories put a smile on your face and inspire you to "Happy Creating!"


  1. Angelia;
    What a wonderful post. It made me wish I lived there other than HERE! Here, where it SNOWED lastnight! I can only dream of walking on the beach barefoot! The snow did not stick though - THANK YOU GOD!!!! I love your journal pages too! I am seriously dreaming of the spring when I can runaway to Arizona with my family for a week! A weeks reprieve from the weather! I am not a winter person and yet I LIVE IN CALGARY, ALBERTA! Oy vay! lOL

  2. Angelia, just wanted to pop in and say Hello! I love your posts introducting all the 21 Secrets artists. What a fun idea. And here in Florida it will be 85 degrees for at least another two months.... :-)

  3. Agh. I thought the last day was tomorrow! haha. I guess one more day wont really make too much of a difference. for internship, I am doing many fall projects anyway...


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