Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Outside The Book - Supersize Your Work

Have you ever considered taking your journal pages "outside the book" and onto a canvas?  If you don't have any experience with painting on canvas, your initial reaction to this question might have been, "What? Are you serious? I don't know how to paint!"  OK...I'll let that go for today, because I'm just planting the seed . . .

I'm willing to bet that if you browse through your journals, there are pages that beg for "more".  Maybe the color combinations really speak to you.  Maybe when you look at a page it triggers more imagery that you would like to create.  Maybe it would look really cool hanging in your dining room!

"Mardi Gras" 24" x 30 acrylic on canvas

So think about journaling outside the book.  Look through your journals  and see if there's something that begs to be supersized onto a canvas.  I've planted the seed, but now it's up to you to nurture the idea until it sprouts.  I'll be here to help you through your "Happy Creating!" and together, we'll make sure that seedling blossoms into a beautiful painting.


  1. Angelia;
    What an inspiration you are! I LOVE this painting you have created and I also LOVE the fact that it was inspired by an art journal page! What a fabulous idea. I must look into my journals and see what I come up with.
    Thanks for sharing and helping others in this endeavor! Hugs and Happy Creating!

  2. I always say this when I see these beautiful journal pages on artists' blogs. I'm more the other way around--I don't really journal--I just work on different surfaces--but there will be journaling in my future--I've been so inspired these last few months, and I'm sure you know that yours most definitely should be displayed!

  3. Love this idea! Thank you! :)


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