Thursday, March 3, 2011

Colored Pencil Drawing Class

My colored pencil drawing class is so much fun that I also joined for March.  I'm learning a lot about colored pencil, but I'm also enjoying the creative atmosphere and getting to know the wonderful men and women in my class.

My drawing is coming along nicely.  All the tiny swirls of layering are beginning to take shape and the face is coming to life.

Week 3 I began mottling the face (adding shadows and highlights)  This was an exciting phase after layering the basic skin tones.

Last week was even more exciting as I began making the darks darker and making the highlights brighter by adding white.  I also used a blending pencil (a pencil of wax with no pigment) to blend the colors and soften the edges.

In yesterday's class, I made the darks even darker and added lines to her face.  I added more detail to her lips and eyes and adjusted some of the colors on her forehead.  I also began adding the dark areas around her face and her headband.  I was happy to take my attention away from her face and concentrate on her headband.  

You know me and color, so I was thrilled to get away from the skin tones and pull out Canary Yellow and Poppy Red for her headband.  Next week, I'll begin working on the leaves of her headdress.

Drawing has been a quiet, contemplative experience.  I only work on this drawing during class, but I've found myself drawing in my sketchbook more and more.  It really helps to step away from your norm as a creative soul.  It's always good to see things from another perspective and engage your psyche in a different way.

Whatever your choice of medium, I hope you'll experiment with something new.  Remember to take time for yourself and "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!"

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