Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weekend Journal

It's been a fabulous, creative week - one of those creative weeks where ideas and energy far exceed the time allowed.  How unfortunate that we mere humans require sleep!

The highlight of the week was my art date at the beach with my artist friend, Ro.  We've been threatening to do this for a very long time and finally put it into action.  We go for our daily (in theory) beach walks every weekday morning when it's quiet and (also in theory) cooler.

We were each able to paint our chosen vignette from the same table.  I wanted to paint trees while Ro was all about the lake and fence.

Ro used watercolors and watercolor pencils.  I stepped outside of my comfort zone and worked with pastel pencils in my Moleskin journal.  I had a lot of fun with it, but when we do it again this week, I think I'll be using watercolors or acrylics.

Ro and I have already selected several other locations to work with, so there should be more art from the beach to share with you.


I did create a few journal pages over the last week even though I've been working on several other projects.
Here are a couple pages created intuitively....

and a set of pages I created from odds and ends that have been driving me crazy because they keep falling out of my journal!  I was watching a movie called "Field of Depth" while I was working.  I really enjoy creating pages while I'm watching a movie.  I jot down some of the movie lines while I'm working, and the pages always seem to be a bit quirky.

Well, that's about it for this week.  I've been working like "a woman possessed" on my travel journal.  Be sure to stop back by for Tuesday's Tips & Techniques.  I'll show you how I made the cover.  Oh, I almost forgot!  Remember this?

Stop back in for Monday's Musings where I'll show you the finished project and unveil what it's all about.  Meanwhile, have a fabulous, creative weekend!



  1. Love your day at the beach drawing! Wish I had a beach of sorts near here to go to.....I just may have to get creative with that idea. Also love your journal pages and the fact that you love to art while watching a movie too. I do it all of the time :0)

  2. Thank you, Carol! Where do you live in MO? I bet there are lovely parks and woods near you. I'm hoping Ro and I venture to other venues - maybe even "the city". Where ever we decide to create, I'll be sharing here and hoping it triggers inspiration in everyone :o)xoxo

  3. Isn't it wonderful to have a good creative week like that. I like your Watercolor . Where is this nice sandy beach on a lake. Looks like the Ocean?

    1. You're right, Linda! I absolutely cherish creative weeks like this! The beach is Headlands State Park on the south shores of beautiful Lake Erie, Mentor, Ohio. :o)

  4. Oh, that's indeed a very nice environment to be painting in! I lovelovelove your "odds and ends"journal page!

    1. Thanks so much, Denthe! I'll be around soon to see what you've been doing. I'm a tad behind on my blog hopping! Hugs!

  5. Having a creative day with your friend must have been pure heaven. There is nothing better! I love have days that are dedicated to pure creativity with no agenda, no expectation - and sharing it with a wonderful friend? Perfection! And good for you for working with a medium that you weren't totally comfortable with. I am not a fan of the pastels - for the same reason. But it's always good to get out of our comfort zone. Keep up the good work!

  6. It was an amazing morning, Laurie! The weather was perfect and we enjoyed sharing the creative time with each other. Unfortunately, things didn't work out this week - fortunately we were blessed to FINALLY get some much needed rain. We're hoping to have another art day this week. Thanks for the positive comments on my use of pastels. I WILL be using water media next time. LOL

  7. I LOVE those two intuitive pages!! The colors and your style in particular is very appealing. And that little spot on the beach looked so perfect. Isn't it wonderful when you can sit yourself down at such a beautiful spot with a friend and just make art?! Love those journal pages you created... xoxo

  8. Thanks, Pauline! I really enjoy working intuitively and watching the magic unfold. The beach is my favorite place to go and I'm thankful to have it so close by to enjoy regularly with my hubby and friend. ♥


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me! It's a pleasure sharing the creative world of art journaling with you. I love hearing from you, so comments and questions are always welcome.

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