Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Tips and Techniques: Travel Journal

PART FOUR:  Embellishments and Add Ons

 This is my final installment in this four-part series.  Since I'll be doing a lot of flying, I've avoided adding things like brads, eyelets and other metal embellishments that may get me dragged out of line, assaulted with a taser, or otherwise hassled.  I can always add those things (if desired) when I return safely home.

I've decided to take the bare minimum in the way of art supplies.  I'm taking this Terrifically Tacky Tape (double sided).

I'm also going to pack a couple black pens and some plain white copy paper to use for journaling.  I've decided to journal on small pieces of the copy paper and glue them in.  At least that's the plan now!

I found this perfect 12" x 12" scrapbook paper (made by Reminisce) at our local craft store, Pat Catans.  It's double sided, but I don't care for the back side at all.

I've pre-cut all the words and road signs for easy application, and will place them into an envelope along with  my other goodies.

I don't normally use stamps in my daily journal, but hey, this is a diary of a once in a lifetime event!  I'm pulling out all the stops!

I'm making up tags ahead of time also.  I figure the more I get done now, the less I'll have to do on vacation to keep up with my pages on a daily basis.

FOOD is a main feature on our CA stint as we'll be taste testing many cuisines that are new to us.  I'm making several little booklets for these experiences.  Here's a Mexican cuisine booklet made from one sheet of 8' x 11" card stock, paper scraps, and stickers.

The green paper with attached tag is a little booklet that fits into the right-hand, side pocket that folds out.  This was a lot of fun to make, and I used this tutorial to learn the technique.  I modified it slightly to attach it to my journal page.  I watched quite a few tutorials on a lot of these clever paper folding techniques.

I hope you'll find this series useful when planning a travel journal for yourself.  I'll be sure to share the finished journal after we return from our vacation later this year.

I hope the remainder of your week is a pleasant one filled with love, laughter and creativity!



  1. How fun! Wishing you happy travels and adventures!

  2. Angelia, I absolutely love the tips and the video, which were a great surprise because when I saw just the little icon for your new post, I swear I saw a condom!!! I was thinking "what kind of art can one create with a condom?" seriously...

    1. Ana! That is one of the funniest comments I've ever received! I can't stop laughing. I almost have to make some sort of condom art now! LOL I'm glad you enjoyed the tips and video. xoxox


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