Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekend Journal

There were lots of items on the creative and life menu this week.  Here's a small sampling of what I did. 

First on the menu was getting my little mini menus prepped for my travel journal.  My son told me that they have LOTS of exciting dining in store for us, so I want to make sure I have somewhere to journal my meals from all our new, ethnic dining experiences. 

 Some of the menus open from the top, others from the side, and a couple are just single sheets.  You knew I couldn't leave them all totally white, didn't you?  I used a light wash of acrylics topped with a layer of Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments mixed with gel medium to give them a little shimmer.

I decided to make a plaque for my book of wisdom gift journal.  I pieced together some cardboard with gel medium and added these gold leaf embellishments with more medium.  I let them dry for an hour or two.

After the gel medium dried, I applied super heavy gesso to it, really laying it on thick in the center portion so I could inscribe the word "wisdom" into it using the end of a paint brush.  I applied the gesso more lightly to the gold leaf embellishments so some of the gold would show through the paint I would be adding.  I left the piece baking in the hot sun for a few hours.

Despite the heat and humidity, I've still been making it to the beach nearly every weekday morning for a walk.  There's always something lovely to see, like these perfect Milkweed pods.  They have beautiful, amethyst colored blossoms in the spring before the pods form, and Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on the underside of the leaves in March.  In autumn, these plants will be filled with Monarch caterpillars.

Here are some more photos that I took at Headlands Beach this week.  This is Queen Anne's lace and blue corn flowers.

A shady path leads into a tiny grove of trees where I sometimes see deer.  I also hear this is where the beach fairies live!

 Ro and I were able to get in another art date at the beach.  We moved a little further eastward this time, and here are some photos of our view from the shaded table where we worked.

In between all this arting and beaching, there were vegetables to be picked!  Here's a nice bowlful of  freshly picked Blue Lake green beans ready to be washed, cooked, and made totally unhealthy with the addition of some bacon drippings.  Hey, what can I say but "DElicious!"

My cherry tomato plants have produced an amazing amount of fruit this year.  There are always some in a bowl on the kitchen counter, and there have been plenty to give away too.

I'm always happy to see the beautiful visitors who drop by to feast on the butterfly bush.  This Swallowtail butterfly was about the size of my hand, and was gorgeous both above and below.

Someone asked me about the binding on the interactive gift journal.  I forgot to show it to you!   I really hadn't planned out the binding ahead of time, so I had a moment of panic when after I had several pages completed, I realized I had no idea how I was going to bind them.  Enter the accordion fold!   At this point it's not the least bit attractive, but it works on this graffiti style journal for now.

I wanted it to be expandable so the recipient can add LOTS of goodies to it without the book not closing properly.  When all of her embellishments have been added, she can add a binding with decorative duct tape to give it a more polished look, added strength, and stability.

Here's my completed journal page from our art date at the beach, and several other journal pages that I worked on yesterday.  I'm currently obsessed with circles for some reason.

Here is the completed Wisdom plaque attached to the journal.  I'm very pleased with the final result.  I added multiple acrylic glazes to achieve this look, and I added a bit of highlight with a 24K gold paint pen.

I added gold buttons to the side of the book using the binding threads ...

and I added lots and lots of fibers to both the front and back covers.  You knew I wasn't going to leave it plain, didn't you?

I'm happy to have the covers and binding completed, and I think it looks great.  Now......I have some pages to complete inside!

I hope you had a fantastic week and I hope you're having a wonderful weekend doing exactly the things that you find fulfilling!



  1. Your beach looks beautiful :0) I long for the beach right now....I really love all of your journal pages and the Book of Wisdom is super awesome !

    1. Thank you, Carol! We're very fortunate to live so close to the beach and try to enjoy it as much as possible.

  2. omg girl... there was SO much goodness in this post!! The pics you posted are beautiful, the beach is AWESOME, your perfect little spot there for creation with a friend seems ideal, your journal pages are fantastic, those cherry tomatoes, and that WISDOM plaque - omg - so beautiful. Love how bold you are with color. Beautiful - inside and out. :-) xox

    1. Thanks so much, Pauline! I always hope the beauty of the beach shines through my mediocre photography. That really was a perfect spot for our art outing and I think we'll probably use that spot again. xoxoxo

  3. Angelia these pages are stunning. I was so mesmerized by the art journaling by the beach. WOW, can't imagine a better place to create.

    1. Thanks, Ana! I have to admit that creating art at the beach is one of my favorite activities. :o)

  4. Oh my goodness... there is so much "artsy" goodness here!!
    Very inspiring, Angelia. :]
    Love your plaque, such a creative idea!
    Look at all those journal pages, so alive, playful images, and such vibrant colors.
    Fantastic stuff.
    Oh, those delicious veggies... "YUMMY!"
    Thank you for sharing, really enjoyed my visit here. ~xx

    1. Thanks, April! I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit! ♥

  5. An art date at the beach sounds heavenly Angelia... love your gorgeous art journal pages and cover... and I wonder if you have spotted any beach fairies yet...

    Jenny x

    1. Thanks, Jenny! I haven't spotted and fairies yet - they toy with me. I hear them giggling from the underbrush of the trees. ;o) xoxox

  6. Angelina, your art work is amazing. A style I really like, and wish I could do, but just doesn't show up when I art! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am looking forward to more of your posts and how todos!

    1. Thanks, Dianna! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit here :o)

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