Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Tips and Techniques: Instant Journal Prompts

Instant journal prompts are only a magazine or newspaper away.  Every article begins with an enticing title to peak your interest.  Why not use these titles to spark your creative journaling?

Ways To Use These Titles in Your Journaling

  • Use these titles as part of your page background.  Cover with gesso to push them visually into the background.
  • Cut these phrases into single words and use to form different meanings.
  • Find interesting fonts.  Cut the words into separate letters to form that "ransom note" look.
  • Take color cues from these titles and use them as inspiration for a color theme.
  • Use a phrase as a main element on your page.  Illustrate your viewpoint.


Hundreds of words and phrases can easily be stored in a zippered sandwich bag for easy storage and use.  That's my preferred method.  I like to pull a handful out and choose a random phrase to play with.  You can also tack them down on a sheet of copy paper and keep them in a notebook if you prefer to see lots of titles at a glance.



  1. Angelia, love the prompts :) I haven't been art journaling much, so I sure need some ideas.

    1. Thanks, Ana! All of my tips and techniques from the past 2 years can be found by using the Tuesday Tips & Techniques link on the sidebar. I hope you find lots of ideas to spark your journaling muse. xoxo

  2. Great ideas! Thank you! Inspiration is all around us :)

    1. Thanks, Magpie! Inspiration really is all around us! :o)

  3. Hi! Thanks for the tip for storage for cut out words. I have mine scattered in my paper scraps accordion folder. Sometimes, I find it hard to look for a particular word or phrase that I need which I know I do have it. So, I think putting them in a notebook would be nice. Thanks again! :)


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