Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday's Muse

I think being a creative/artist is both a blessing and a curse.  As I sit and observe people, I watch them mindlessly walk by the very things that bring The Muse to life and immediately inspire imagery in my mind.

This photograph (courtesy of dear hubby) is one such example.  I've yet to see even one person notice these signs posted in half a dozen locations along the beach.

I love the fact that "Have fun on the water!" shows up as florescent green in this photo.  I can't help but think, "surely I'm not the only person who sees the irony in this?"   Let's see here....EIGHT different conditions/images under which one should avoid going in the water.  OK.  maybe the real key here is the preposition, on.

Unless you're Jesus, I don't think you're going to be on the water unless you're in a boat or other flotation device (clearly prohibited at the beach according to other signs).  Does this little word have to do with liability?  Hmmmmm...... I digress.

Anyway, things like this send The Muse off on a tangent of sound and imagery.  The images won't necessarily end up on a journal page, but the thought process  goes something like this:

  • "Oh, my gosh!  People are still dragging their kids into the water.  They don't even see these signs!"
  • I hear the "Jaws" theme music playing in my head
  • I get a visual of those awful, plaid polyester fabrics from the 70s
  • I get another visual - this one of the "Jaws" Amitty billboard
  • I begin thinking about what a blue-green algae monster might look like
  • I think of a title, "Stay OUT of the Water!!!"
  • I do a Google search for more information, and find "High Quality Danger Signs" to download.
  • I bookmark the site for future reference
  • I file it under "Funnies" in my mind and continue mulling over it every time I go to the beach.

And that's the blessing and curse of it all.  It's a blessing that creativity is sparked by the most unlikely things in the most unlikely places.  It's a curse that I'll think this topic to death - or if I'm lucky I'll think it to the page through journaling.





  1. This is hilarious. You can die, but hey have fun in the water ;-)

    1. Isn't it though, Ana? I'm glad I'm not the only one to see the irony :o) xoxox

  2. Oh how true Angelia... you can only laugh at a sign like that... I can envision some great art journal pages though...

    Jenny x

    1. I haven't journaled ON it yet (ha ha), but I'm sure it's bound to "surface" sooner or later! <Insert big cheesy grin here!) xoxox

  3. I wouldn't go ON or IN water that met that description! Is this Lake Erie? What a shame.

    Are they making it seem worse than it is? But the pictures don't lie...Ha, I overthink everything I read also. And I read everything! It's a curse lol.

    Now that they've listed these colorful descriptions, I need to go see what the dangers of blue green algae are. Thanks for an a-MUSE-ing post!

    1. Hey, Mag! I know - can you believe it? Yes, this is Lake Erie. I think that the general, over all health of the lake is OK. We've had excessive temperatures and humidity all summer long, so I'm assuming that conditions have been optimum for algae and/or bacterial growth this year. Regardless, I don't get in the lake at all.

  4. Sad but true... such a same, how Mother Earth is treated.
    Thank you for the gentle reminder, we such be more respectful for all that she gives ~xx

    1. Although I don't think the lake condition is a man made situation, I certainly agree with you, April. We do need to be more respectful of this beautiful planet we're privileged to inhabit.


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