Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Journal

"Artist Books, Altered Books & Assemblage Art"

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The Gallery at Lakeland

Thursday night was the artist reception for this fabulous gallery show curated by Mary Urbas.  Mary did a wonderful job displaying and hanging the work.  I'm honored to have my work shown among so many talented artists, and I'm eager to show you some of my favorite images from the show.  You may recognize a name or two besides my own! 

Altered Books & Art Journals - An'Angelia Thompson
"Have You Seen the News?" -  Assemblage, mixed media - Betty Skufca

"Book Box Person 1 - Lucy"  Julianne Edberg

"An Avery for Marilyn" - assemblage, mixed media - Louis  Ross

"Chakras" - Assemblage mixed-media, Louis Ross

A wonderful installation - I neglected to get the artist's name or title

"Plymson" Assemblage, mixed-media - John Smallenburg

"Junk Bots" - Assemblage, mixed-media - Russell Stephanchick

"Volume 1" - Found book, encaustic  paint, hardware - Clare Murray Adams

"Morpheus" - Assemblage, mixed-media - Michael deMeng

"La Llorona" - Assemblage, mixed-media - Michael deMeng

"Mitclan Action Figure" - Assemblage, mixed-media - Michael deMeng

"The Night of Wands" & "The Queen of Wands" - Collage, mixed-media - Andrea  Matus  deMeng

"Flotsam #3" - Assemblage, mixed-media - Andy Marcis

"Volume 2" - Found book, encaustic paint, collage, found objects - Clare Murray Adams

"Guinevere" - Assemblage, mixed media - Andrea Matus deMeng

These little mini journals were about 1 1/2" square.  Again, I neglected to get the artist's name.

"Blessings of Love" - feng shui alter - Chaska Peacock
I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of some of the fabulous pieces in the show, "Artist Books, Altered Books & Assemblage Art.  The show runs through November 16, 2012 and is free and open to the public.



  1. Congratulations, your journals look great and the whole show interesting. wish this was closer to home. we have many galleries and community cart centers that seem to specialize in cute cottages gardens and in general the "The Retirement School". Where copying the past is the trend or should I say fixation.

    1. LOL, Monica! Lakeland is my one nearby salvation. I know JUST what you mean about the cute cottages and the "The Retirement School". My gal, Ro, and I refer to such things as "The Blue Haired Old Lady Society." Discouraging to say the least. Wine cork wreaths and potholder eyeglass cases. Enough said.

  2. LOVED seeing these photos! Thank you for sharing. I almost feel like I was there. Your journals and books are fabulous as always. So glad our paths crossed. . . Just sayin' :-) BTW, I love my dancing flowers. Love them!

    1. Thanks, Barb! You would LOVE this show. I only took photos of a fraction of the spectacular pieces that were there. I'm so glad you love your flowers - aren't they FUN!?

  3. Congrats on the show! Everything looks amazing ...thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Carol - it was my pleasure to share it with all of you :o)

  4. Congratulations Angelia!! ~xx
    Such a fantastic display of your work. :)
    Thank you for sharing, love celebrating with you... such a rewarding feeling "the fruits of our labor!"

    1. Thanks, April! This has been one of my very favorite gallery shows in which I've been privileged to participate. I don't recall seeing anything that wasn't absolutely inspiring!


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