Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday's Mandala

This mandala was created with a Sharpie Fine Point and Prismacolor pencils.  It's number 4 in a series of 24.  Only 20 more weeks until April...


  1. Angelia! I absolutely LOVE this one. It is so colorful and beautiful and right up my alley of what I am drawn to! I am so glad you are doing well. Congrats on what you are doing with your blog! That is awesome! I am glad your son is doing well in California, I really hope he stops in for a visit at Christmas for you.
    Hugs and many blessings

  2. Wow!
    This is excellent! The colors are so vibrant!

  3. oh, how BEAUTIFUL!!! i love the bright colors!!!

  4. Completely Cosmic and the voice of your inner worlds. It knocked my socks right OFF!


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