Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekend Journal

The Week in Images

Wow!  It's been another busy week, but as always, I still found plenty of time to take out the journals and have some fun.  Here's a sampling of what I've been up to over the last couple weeks.

Here we are nearing the end of week two in November.  Am I thinking turkey?  No, not so much.  I'm thinking more birthday!  This Scorpio gal generally lives under the delusion of still being 18, (which is no small feat with two 30ish year old sons), but this year, her real age looms larger than life.

These are intuitive pages.  I guess I subconsciously view November as the end of the year since it's the month of my birthday.  The shorter, colder days are conducive to thoughtful, inner reflection.

So I've been thinking of Thanksgiving at least a little.  Here, I'm purging the ghosts of Thanksgivings past.

More intuitive pages.  Here I painted acrylic over gessoed pages and played with the resulting patterns using Neocolor II watersoluble wax pastels.

I've been in a very experimental mindset this week, and using techniques and methods outside of my norm. I can hardly wait to see where all of this experimentation leads me.

The Versatile Blogger

Sometimes it gets lonely out here in cyberspace, so it's always much appreciated when my peers stop by my blog and leave comments of encouragement and gratitude.  Some weeks ago, Jenny, at Jennie Bellie Studio , took the time to leave such a message for me by way of "The Versatile Blogger" award.  Thanks so much for the support, Jenny!

As part of this honor, I have been instructed to complete the following:  I must thank the giver and link back to their blog (which I am more than happy to do!), list 7 things about myself, and list 15 blogs that are newly discovered to me.  Just wait until you see the fabulous blogs I've found! here goes - 7 things about myself:
1.  I'm a closet musician - I play guitar (poorly) and began learning keyboard in May.
2.  Starbucks?  No way! Folger's Black Silk is a daily staple.
3.  I could eat cheeseburgers every day!
4.  I fancy myself an Iron Chef and love making food for anyone who will eat my dishes.
5.  I adore Tim Gunn and have taken on "Make it work!", as my own personal mantra.
6.  Pink Floyd's, "Dark Side of the Moon", is still my favorite album of all time.
7.  I am Mod Podge addicted - please, no interventions!

15 Really Great Blogs I Hope You'll Visit!
I've been interested in finding art blogs created my men.  I'm intrigued by the male perspective when it comes to art  and art journaling.  Men tend to be less "fru-fru" and I enjoy seeing life through what tends to be a more "left brain" perspective.  I wasn't disappointed as I began my journey to seek out such blogs. I also added some new found female artists to the list as well as one or two not-so-new that I absolutely HAD to put on my list for your viewing pleasure.

1.   Paul Murray - "Stuff in my Pocket".  Life, art, and just plain goodness!
2.   Joe Carrion  - A talented artist with great journal pages and photography
3.   Eric Adama  - A contemporary, abstract viewpoint with lots of good insight and info.
4.   Michael Demeng - An assemblage artist - dark, urban, edgy, fun.
5.   Robert Mars - NY, contemporary artist with a Pop Art flair
6.   Brian Kasstle - I've been subscribed to Brian's blog for about a month now. I really enjoy reading his posts and his journaling pages are wonderful.
7.   Arty Em - A Colorado artist - thoughtful and inspiring posts.
8.   Kelley Brown - Drippy, colorful, wonderful goodness in art journaling.
9.   Kelly Kilmer - An L.A. mixed media artist and instructor journaling from the heart.
10. Traci Bunkers - An explosion of color and creativity in art journaling & more.
11.  Ro Bruhn - Australian artist - Colorful, whimsical, major eye candy here!
12.  Jane Davies - Collage at it's finest.
13.  Ro Bruhn - Vibrant color, fiber, collage, FUN! (not a new addition to my list, but a favorite) You've really got to visit this "down under" diva!
14.  Kelly Watts - A sensitive, spiritual, and gentle soul with a frank look at life and herself.
15.  Connie Hozvicka - Colorful and FEARLESS!

I hope you'll snuggle in with your favorite hot beverage and browse through this list of blogs.  There's absolutely something for everyone.  So go ahead - enjoy the journey and take a look at how some of my peers "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!"

Today's Photos

Lots of tones, shades and berries on the burning bush this year

Well, it was inevitable.  Keith took this "first snow" photo this morning


  1. Angela, to honor you and your wonderful work I have an award for you. follow this link to get it

    happy journaling!


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