Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekend Journal - Birthday Edition

Today's the big day - yep, it's my birthday!  If you haven't already guessed, I'm a fanatic about my birthday and birthdays in general.  I've given it considerable thought this morning, wondering why my birthday is so important to me, and I realize there are many reasons.

We didn't have a lot, but Mom always made each of her three children always feel special and loved - especially on their birthday!

My parents were both from Tennessee and moved here to Ohio, so all of my extended family were far away.  We would always have a special birthday dinner, and as we got older, we were always allowed to choose what we wanted for dinner and what kind of cake we wanted.

I remember my birthdays as being joyous occasions, and I carred those traditions on to our sons and my hubby, because their birthdays are special to me too.  After all, it's really quite a miracle that we come into this world.

I received a birthday postcard from my dentist's office, and I really like the message it contained: "Birthdays are special occasions.  As children, we look forward to a birthday with anticipation and excitement.  As adults, a birthday often is a time for reflection and renewal."  That's how I look at my birthday.  January 1st isn't the real New Year for me - my birthday is the New Year.

Photo by Keith Thompson

My birthday is a time of reflection and looking forward, and I always take time to remember my dear friends and loved ones whose young lives were cut short by illness - many of them not making it to my age.  I think of them often and miss them dearly.  Every day is truly a blessing, and when my birthday comes around, I make a mental note of gratitude that I am still here and able to enjoy the opportunity of each new day.

So.....that's part of why I'm such a birthday fanatic. Life is short, my dear friends.  Get out there and "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!"

Scroll down to the "Tuesday Tips and Techniques" post from Nov. 15th to read the details!

SPECIAL NOTE:  A big thank you to my hubby, Keith, for making this one of the best birthdays ever! I especially like the goofy, "Happy Birthday Princess" video that he posted to my Facebook page and that I included in today's music list. Love you, Babe!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! What an exciting week for you. I love that Keith made it a week-long event!!

  2. Happy Birthday Angelia. I love all the photos and your insights about birthdays. What a cool art journal spread also! =) Enjoy your day.

  3. Happy Birthday to you! Love the journal page!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday!! What wonderful photos you have from your childhood and such precious memories. So do you keep a birthday journal for all those wonderful photos and stories??

  5. Sorry I'm a bit late, but I hope your birthday was fantastic!

    We have a tradition, in my family, where we sing "Happy Birthday" as crazy, off-key, out of sync, slow, fast, loud, whatever, as we possibly can.

    Everyone is smiling and happy when it's done. Many "first timers" are warned when the time comes, and they don't believe it until we actually start singing, but they get into it too and usually look forward to coming back for the next party!

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Sorry I missed the day Angelia. What a lovely post. I take time on my birthday to reflect and be grateful as well. Happy birthday week


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