Friday, March 2, 2012

29 Faces: Finale!

Well, quite honestly, I'm going to have to refer to this project as "27 Faces" from this time forward.  I'm afraid 27 faces is all I was able to complete in 29 days!  I have to agree with Stephanie from Dragonfly Design Studios:  " has felt more like 329 faces!"  You heard it here first - Angelia is officially "faced OUT"!  None the less, it was a wonderful challenge that took me "out of the box" and encouraged my muse to try a few new things.  I want to thank Ayala at Ayala Art for hosting this fun, February challenge!

Here are my last three faces.  To view my 29 Faces Gallery, go HERE.

DAY 25


DAY 26

Acrylic and water soluble charcoal pencils  (more on those later!)

DAY 27

"Faced OUT"
Last, and maybe least, here is my final face.  It's the only one I titled, and I think the expression says it all! It's acrylic, also in my journal as are the rest.   I hope you've enjoyed seeing my faces from the challenge.  To view the other 51 artist's works, go HERE.


  1. Your faces are beautiful! I love your use of color. They always seem so soulful.

  2. So strong and bold! Love the Colors!

  3. These last ones are gorgeous!!! Loved viewing your faces, too. I won't be a stranger. I'm following you! :))

  4. I'm loving all of them, especially day 25. I'm a big fan of multi-color shading (or whatever you might call it). I want to do more of that myself. Thanks for following my blog! I'm kind of relieved to hear you don't follow all those blogs. I can hardly keep up with the few I do follow...It's rewarding, but time consuming and hard to find a balance!

  5. Looks like you're glad it's finished! Love your face 26, the combination of the charcoal with the coloured background. Beautiful!

  6. Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments. This was a fun challenge and I'm glad I joined - but yes, I'm glad it's over! LOL

  7. Amazing! I love the colorful first face... so powerful :)

    1. Thank you, Piarom! Wasn't this a fun challenge? Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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