Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Journal

Well, here we are into the second week of March.  I can't believe what a mild winter we've had here on the south shores of Lake Erie.  I've already been to the beach on many occasions, and I feel absolutely energized!

As if to prove my point of this strange weather season, I discovered a pansy blooming in a pot behind the garage.  Pansies should not be blooming here until MAY.  I was quite shocked and delightfully surprised to see this little gem yesterday.  It's now on the deck railing.

Today, I set up my journaling on the deck table.  This too, is shockingly early.  We've never set the table back up this early in the year.  It actually feels more like May than March, and the maple trees are in full bud.  It wouldn't surprise me to see leaves by the end of the week as the forecast is calling for 60 degree temperatures for the entire week.

There were lots of wonderful things to celebrate this week, not the least of which was reaching my first weight loss goal.  Am I excited?  You bet!

I also finally finished this spread (that you may remember seeing earlier).  I had to laugh - every time I worked on it the Green Acres theme song kept playing in my head.  ("...keep Manhatten just give me that countryside...")

I really like the way this collaged and acrylic painted spread turned out.  I used part of an image from a "famous" painting.  Can you spot it?

We started paper mosaic spreads in my Saturday Art Journaling class.  It's tedious, but a lot of fun.  I'll be working on this one more during the week.

It was a wonderful week, and now it's time for a relaxing evening.  Keith and I just finished this beautiful but grueling  1000 piece puzzle,  "Skywatcher" from Susan Seddon Boulet.  Isn't it beautiful?

I hope you also had a wonderful week, and I hope that you have a beautiful, peaceful evening as well!



  1. ohh what a creativ week you had!! I especcially love the first one "Energized"... it feels really fresh colorful !! the puzzle pic is great, but wasn`t it hard? Looks like there was so much similar colors ;)

  2. ps you know that there is the "robot-proof" for every comment?!


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