Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Eureka! (Blogging Tip)

I'm so excited - no art post today, but I finally (I think!) got rid of that annoying, *($))#^&^$* word verification in the comments section!

The problem I had was that I did not have the "go to old interface" option in my drop down box in the new interface.  Apparently, the option doesn't show up using the Google Chrome browser.

So, after many HOURS scouring the Internet for information, I finally came across this young man's site and the info I needed.  This worked for me, and if you're having the same difficulty, I highly suggest giving this a try.

I hope this helps those of you still trying to get rid of the word verification.  Thanks to Geri and Piarom for bringing the situation to my attention, and please let me know if the problem is resolved - I think we all know we're not robots!  

I couldn't get myself to post without a least one picture, so since I was at the beach this morning, I thought I would post this picture of gulls that I took last year.  We're enjoying near 70 degree temperatures today, and I hope you are too!

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