Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Musings

I challenged myself to embrace winter this year, and really, it's not working out that well.  It's 10 degrees outside, the sky is gray and dreary, and there's a thick blanket of dirty snow currently being freshened by a light snow shower.  All I can think of is the beach.

Even bundled against the cold, I am no match for the bitter, northern winds from Lake Erie.  Yet she calls to me.  When I am in her presence, it's like returning to the womb.  I feel comforted in her gently lapping waves against the beach.  I feel her knowing of times I've never seen and I hear her quiet whispers of revelation as I gaze at the horizon.  For now, I must find comfort in the promise of spring and my own knowing that she'll be waiting for me. 


  1. i couldn't be more with you
    in the finding comfort in the promise of spring..
    oh how i love your art. you capture ESSENCE.

  2. spring is just around the corner...I'm not so much a winter person, but ah the hot summer days and warm nights...sssh can ya here 'em


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