Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday's Child

This Week's Thursday's Child Interview Is

Connie Hozvicka

AT:  Connie, tell us a little something about yourself, and please include something quirky!
CH:  My name is Connie Hozvicka. I help women rise above their fears, strengthen their intuition, and grow confidant as Artists through my FEARLESS Painting Adventures and my business Dirty Footprints Studio--which also happens to be the name of my blog too! I was born in Cleveland, Ohio--but five years ago my honey Hansel and I took our three fur babies across the ol' U.S. of A. and traded in snow and grey skies for the sunshine and desert of Phoenix, Arizona. But, as much as I swoon over desert heart is in Costa Rica where I'm planning to move to and open up my Dirty Footprints Studio retreat in 2012. As for something quirky, yikes--I'm a huge quirk ball. Each of my fur babies have voices--which are far from your typical cute pet or baby voices--but instead sound more like years of smoking, drinking, and living the night life has taken it's toll on them. Yes, I have candid conversations with them daily--and their mouths would make even the seasoned trucker blush!

AT:  When did you begin tapping into your creative spirit?
CH:   I was born this way An'Angelia. That's the truth.  When other little girls wanted Barbies and tea party sets--I wanted art supplies and construction paper. I was the little girl making mud sculptures and drawing chalk masterpieces. Creativity and I have been joined at the hip since I can remember--and that's been both a blessing and sometimes a curse!

AT:  Tell us about your "Painting Fearless" techniques.
CH:  I developed FEARLESS Painting as a soulful reaction to when years of trying to be an "Artist" come crashing down on me. Yes, I finally threw in the towel and stopped worrying about getting things right--and instead started painting directly from my heart. No plans, no sketches, no freaking idea even where my painting is even going to go--just listening to what my intuition wants of me--and staying connected to my Creative Source each brush stroke of the way!

FEARLESS Painting has literally changed my life. I'm serious. When I finally got real with my Artist heart--I stopped working a job that didn't fuel me and started focusing on a life that nourished my complete being. I'm so blessed as well to share my FEARLESS Painting process with women from all over the world in my FEARLESS Painting Adventures!! Thank you for asking--because I feel that this is my gift ....what I am meant to do.

AT:  You recently gave up your art teaching career to become a full time artist.  How are you feeling about     that?
CH: I finally feel 100% me. There's no other way to explain it or describe it. 100% me.

AT:   Who are your favorite artists?
CH:  Oh my goodness--if you would have asked me this a year ago I would have rambled off a long list of masters.. I was really good at that. But the honest truth is my favorite Artists are the FEARLESS Painters I paint with in my FEARLESS Painting Adventures. Totally. These women have heart. Have soul. Could give Picasso a run for his money for sure. And wow!! I'm just so lucky to say that my favorite Artists are these beautiful women I run with--paintbrush in hand!!

AT:  Do you have a favorite quote?
CH:  I'm a quote junkie!! But I do have one quote that I adore that hangs on my studio wall and it is by the singer Neil Young. It says: "I work for noone but the Muse."

So true! So true!

AT:  When and where do you create most of your work?
CH:  All the magic happens in my tiny little studio in our tiny little 2 bedroom apartment. Even though I'm an Artist that loves to paint BIG--believe me, I am always grateful and fully aware to have a life so abundant that I am blessed with a space of my own to let my creativity flourish and have a home. As for when--well, I'm starting to learn that my Muse is a tiny bit of a maniac. She loves to keep me up all night for weeks--then all of a sudden hit the road with out a peep for weeks. I used to struggle with this. I used to get down on me thinking I need to harness her whims and find "balance" in my life. But it is what it is. We can't do much about the way our Creative Source likes to dance with us--except either join in or sit on the side!

AT:  What do you want everyone to know about creative expression?
CH:  That it's not as hard as we make it out to be. Just have fun. Breathe. Push paint around or play with color. If it turns out awesome call your friends over for champagne. If it looks like crap--do the same! We're human--not machines--and that's the beauty of Art, including our big, ugly mistakes.

AT:  When and what inspired you to blog about your art journey?
CH:  I started Dirty Footprints Studio because I was looking for an Art community to share with.  I was new to Phoenix, and working as an Art teacher in an elementary school--which does not lend itself to much Art talk that doesn't involve scribbling or Elmer's glue!  So I started blogging to find kindred souls...and almost three years later I have made deep friendships and found a soft and supportive place to share my thoughts.

AT:  What are your other interests and hobbies?
CH:  Basically Yoga and FEARLESS Painting define my world. I am so dedicated to my Yoga practice that I've decided to commit to a year long Yoga Advance Studies & Teacher Training this year--and I can't wait to see how it will influence my painting practice as well!!

AT:  Where can we find you on the Internet?
CH:   BLOG and  WORKSHOPS: Dirty Footprints Studio

YouTube: Kitchen of the Soul

Thank you for your most inspiring interview, Connie!


  1. Wonderful interview. Connie, you seem like such a fun creative person to be around. I LOVE PHOENIX ~ it is my favorite place in the world. It would be a very yummy place to create art! Thanks for sharing your creative spirit with us and thank you Angelia for hosting this interview.

  2. What an inspiring interview. It's always nice to know there are other creatives from Cleveland. Thanks for sharing this!


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