Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Musings

Hey, there!  I can't believe my last post was Wednesday and here it is almost Wednesday again!  I'm just dropping in to say, "Yes, I'm alive and well!".  I've been busy working on an article for an e-zine (more on that soon!).  I finally completed the article this morning and it's off to the publisher.  Yay! So good to complete a project.

I'm mostly failing at embracing winter, but I am giving it my all.  Keith and I went to the beach yesterday, and I have to say that it really was beautiful although extremely cold.

It's indescribably quiet without the movement of the lake.  She is totally frozen over now, covered by a blanket of ice and snow.

Here's Keith standing in front of a frozen Lake Erie.  One would never even know there's a lake here.

This is about as much sun as we ever get to see here during the northeastern Ohio winter.  It's no wonder to me that I'm all about bright, bold color!

We treated ourselves to brunch.  Eating out is something we rarely do, so it was a huge treat!  We went for a brief ride and went into Fairport Harbor where the sun was beginning to come out and there were lots of children sledding on the hill of the Grand River Lighthouse.

Photo by Keith

It sure brought back memories to watch the children having so much fun! They were all bundled up and flying down the hill screaming with delight.

Photo by Keith

We ended our "day out" by visiting our friends (and my newest clients), in their beautiful new home.  They finally got some paint on their walls, and my creation, "Pair on a Pear" looks fabulous in their kitchen area!  Aren't these walls a luscious color?

We had a fun visit with them and left with our bellies filled with warm cookies right out of the oven and the warm feelings of spending time with friends.  And even though we're in yet another winter storm warning for tonight into Wednesday, I'm somehow not feeling quite so cranky. 

I know there's a lot of winter left, but I also know that spring is just beneath the snow and soon, the sun will shine again.  Remember - "Celebrate, LOVE and Create!"

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  1. That looks like some COLD weather! I love the photo of the lighthouse....there's something about them that resonates with me.

    Your journal pages are terrific! I especially like how you carried the print over on to her face. Beautiful!!!


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