Monday, July 12, 2010

Using Daily Prompts

I was looking through my past "Daily Prompts" and it occurred to me that A: Some of them are a little bit wacky, and B: Potential users may be taking them literally.  Don't get me wrong - it's OK to use these phrases literally, but I hope you won't stop there when thinking about them. Consider the following:

How do you come up with these? That's a great question! A lot of these prompts have come from song lyrics, but sometimes, they've come from dreams.  I usually type them up directly into my blog between 9am and 10am on Monday morning and I read through what I've already typed and try not to duplicate any.

What do you mean, "don't take them literally?" OK, that's a great question, too!  Let's take Tuesday's prompt, "Gone with the wind", for example.  Maybe you read, "Gone with the wind", and immediately think of the movie and you relate to Scarlett.  Maybe your journal page is "Fiddle dee dee - tomorrow's another day." Or maybe your boss/boyfriend/neighbor has recently ticked you off and you do a spread, "Frankly, I don't give a damn."  Maybe you read, "Gone with the wind" and Lynard Skynard's, "Tuesday's Gone" pops into your head (which is where I got this particular prompt), and you journal about how quickly Tuesday went by.  Maybe you read "Gone with the wind" and you see the word "wind" and you think "wind in the willows" and you journal a spread about willow trees.  Maybe you think to yourself, "this prompt sucks".  Journal a page about all the things that sucked on Tuesday!

What if I read a prompt and I get nothing from it? I think that would be wonderful, because that would probably mean that maybe YOU have something that you want to say in your journals and you don't need to come here to get daily prompts! That means that it's time for you to graduate and move on to the next phase - one of going within and listening to your OWN voice.  Everything on my blog is put here as an aid in helping you find your own creative voice.  I hope you're gaining confidence with each new day!

Don't take life so seriously!  Have some fun, clown around and let joy course through your veins!  Express yourself and be authentic to who you are - not to who people expect you to be.  And until next time, dear friends, "Happy Creating"!

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  1. Angelia...I found a fun website and thought I'd share it with you--check out
    :0) Katherine
    P.S. Thanks for your inspiration!!!!!


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