Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend Art-O-Rama - Part 3

Here are the final three spreads that I completed during my Weekend Art-O-Rama.  It was a lot of fun to have no responsibilities calling me away from creating, but I have to say I was exhausted when Monday came!  This spread was done late Friday night using Elmer's Paintastics.  I bought them on a whim  (they were only $1.49 - how could I not?), and maybe it was the late hour but I was totally captivated with them!

After I watered the flowers, fed the birds and ate breakfast, Mug-O-Coffee and I pulled out the journal and paints and worked on this spread.  As is typical with me, I had no idea what I would be doing.  It's difficult to explain the process because there really isn't any.  I sit down at the desk, open the journal and pick the first 2 or 3 colors that are appealing to me at the moment.   At the moment I began this spread, the colors were red, orange and pink.  I rummaged through my folders of images and words to see what else I might want to use, and after I chose some items, the word abundance caught my eye and I wrote about the abundance in my life and gratitude for not having to suffer the atrocities that so many others must endure.  Then I applied the paint in random squiggles and spread it with an old credit card.  That's my favorite method of applying paint to a spread.  I adhered all of the paper elements with Mod Podge and applied another thin layer of paint on the woman and in random places across the paper appliques.  I added details with white paint and gel pens.

After dinner, I pulled out my journal once again.  This time I headed outside to the deck with yet more coffee, my water mug, water soluble pastels and purple, black and white craft acrylics in tow.  It had cooled off to a more reasonable temperature (it's been smoldering hot and humid here!) and the world was beginning to quiet down as the sun began it's descent behind the large maples down the street.  I sipped on my coffee and watched the Orioles come in for a last snack before bed and I began to apply my background colors using the credit card method.  As the paint was drying, I noticed what looked like cat ears on the right, so I drew in the cat and the rest of the elements with the water soluble pastels.  I blended the pastels with white craft acrylic.

 I love my "Night Kitty"! The facial expression makes me laugh because it's somewhere between whimsical and creepy.  So, that was it for my Weekend Art-O-Rama.  What did I do Sunday, you asked?  That deserves a post all to itself!  Meanwhile...."Happy Creating!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me! It's a pleasure sharing the creative world of art journaling with you. I love hearing from you, so comments and questions are always welcome.

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