Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Art-O-Rama - Final Page

Ironically, the journaling spread that I completed on the weekend that means the most to me, is down right UGLY!  But I think it's important to share it with you for several reasons: 1.  It gives me the opportunity to brag about my "baby", Mike.  2.  It gives you proof that some of my spreads look like CRAP - and that's all right!  3.  It reiterates the importance of journaling from your heart.

Sunday was my last day of being home alone, and the day that my youngest son, Mike, entered his first 5 mile run competition.  My oldest son, Nick, and his girlfriend, Heather, offered to swing by the house so I could go with them to support Mike and go to breakfast afterward.  The race that he entered was The Johnnycake Jog.  I had no idea that it is such a "big" event.  I thought it was a local thing, but people come from out of state to participate.  They run a 5 mile race and a 5K (3.1 mile) walk concurrently, starting and finishing at the Lake County Fairgrounds.

I was shocked at home many participants there were! The race began at 8:30 and it was already 79 degrees and humid when they began!

That's my "baby", 28 yr old Mike, in the center pre-race with two workmates that also participated and completed the 5 mile run!  Mike finished in an awesome 51.28 minutes! (Let's not tell him I posted this pic - he'll be MORTIFIED! :o)

OK...the temptation is to go on and on about the race and how wonderful and extraordinary my "boys" are and how much I love them and enjoy hanging out with them, and how much they make me laugh and how PROUD  I am to be their mom, etc., etc., but on to the journal spread!

NOT my best work! Mike is 6'-6" and the proportions on this are ALL wrong!  It doesn't look like a runner at all - in fact, with a tad more sketching I could make it look like he was sitting in a wheelchair!  But you know what I feel when I look at this?  The moment that I squeezed my way to the front of the line and stepped onto the street to cheer him on.  I recall the moment we made eye contact and I yelled to him, "C'mon, Mike! You've GOT this!", and the conversation afterward when he told me he heard me and it gave him the extra push he needed to get across the finish line.  I even scratched out the "k" that I mistakenly used. I learned that 5K is significantly different than 5 miles.

So, that was my Weekend Art-O-Rama for July 2010.  I hope you enjoyed the journey with me and I hope you will take time to artfully document the significant moments in YOUR amazing life.  It's always a delight to revisit the old journals and reflect on the wonderful moments that left a smile on your heart, and it's always important to acknowledge your inner voice and "Happy Creating!"

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