Friday, October 1, 2010

Celebrate Autumn!

I love everything about Autumn! I love the dramatic skies filled with dark, purple toned clouds and the amber, scarlet and crimson leaves swirling and fluttering around me.  I love the long drives to the country to buy apples for sauce, cakes and pies.  I love the smell of and sound of  crackling leaves beneath my feet as I walk through the woods.

I started this background page as a celebration of Autumn, and I'll post a pic of the completed spread as soon as I'm well enough to finish it.  Seems I picked up a bug when I was at the ER with Keith last Friday.  Yah, I'm pretty miserable but I'm hoping to be back into some "Happy Creating!" by tomorrow!


  1. LOvely page. Full of wonderful color! I too am fighting a bug, a cold of some sort. It is making it's way through my family. This too shall pass! I hope you feel better Angelia. Blessings and healing wishes to you.

  2. Sorry to hear you feel rough. Snuggle up, keep warm and hopefully you'll feel better soon.

    Super background - looking forward to seeing the rest.


  3. Love your Autumn page. Hope you feel better soon!


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