Thursday, May 26, 2011


I had a spread in my large art journal pre-gessoed and ready to go.  I was in the mood to play with lots of different things, so I started by tearing pages from an old book that I got from my girlfriend, Staci.  Staci always brings me used books and magazines to use in journaling.  The book I tore these pages from was "Karma Babe".

I tore random shapes and stars and applied them to the page with Mod Podge.  I circled various words in the stars and in what I decided would be a body and hat.  The found poetry in the body reads, "In this life, karma will hang you."

I made a yellow and orange glazes and applied them to both pages.

Then, I sketched in the body and hat.

I punched up the color with a glaze of vibrant pink

And then I added swirls of "passionate purple" glaze.

I journaled some additional thoughts on karma using a black Sharpie, and I also added spheres across both pages.

I switched to colored pencils to add color to the lettering, spheres, hat and body.  I added white to the stars.

I completed the spread with my new art supplies that arrived in the mail yesterday - Pitt Pens and Neocolor II  Watersoluble Crayons.  I love them!  How did I live without them?  The Pitt Pens easily wrote over everything on the page, and the Neocolors were bright and cheerful over the previously painted pages.

This is my last post for this week.  I'll see you again on Tuesday with more "Tuesday Tips and Techniques".  I hope you're planning something wonderful for this Memorial Day Weekend.  Stay safe, have fun, and "Celebrate, LOVE, and Create!"


  1. Ang, I LOVE these pages! Love the words, although I would have titled is a bit more strongly. LOL! You know what I mean?! Loved the video of Aelita, too. Oh, to hold on to that childlike abandon....

  2. This is such a cool spread! Thanks for sharing your process....I learn so much from seeing how things come together for others.

  3. i really love this spread Angelia and thanks for the step by step. I love seeing the different stages and thought processes.


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